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Tribal Law I Certificate Program

Program Structure & Targeted Participants

This online course consists of 4 multi-media online topic modules with a one-day Residential Institute held on-campus in Oklahoma City. The Institute is highly experiential in nature and specifically designed to maximize each participant’s mastery, application, and retention of core topics learned in the completed online modules.

Participants engage with and complete each topic module utilizing online technology resources at their own individualized pace. Faculty has outstanding academic and law credentials on top of years of experience bringing a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to your learning experience.

Module 1 – Fundamental Concepts of Indian Law

Module 2 – Tribal Governance Structures and Tribal Law

Module 3 – Tribal Criminal Jurisdiction

Module 4 – Tribal Civil Jurisdiction

Summer 2023 Class Dates: May 15 – June 11, 2023

Tuition is $600 including materials.

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