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Area Churches

Churches near campus

Wesley United Methodist
1401 NW 25th St. P: 405-525–3521 Worship Time: 10:30am Sunday School: 9:15am Pastors: Rev. Jeremy Basset and Rev. Marla Lobo Other Activities: Free Sunday lunch: 11:30am

St Luke’s United Methodist
222 NW 15th Street P: 405-232-1371 Worship Times: 8:30am, 9:40am, 10:50am Sunday School: 9:40am, 10:50am; Pastor: Rev. Dr. Bob Long Other Activities: Studio 222 tutoring program, Threefold coffee shop, Wednesday Night Alive

Crown Heights United Methodist
1021 NW 37th Street P: 405-524-8428 Worship Times: 8:30am & 11:00am Sunday School: 9:45am Pastor: Rev. Trina Bose North Other Activities: Tutoring program.

Cornerstone United Methodist 2604 N May Avenue P: 405-946-2633 Worship: 10:00am, 10:45am Sunday School: 9:00am Pastors: Rev. Chris Symes Other Activities: Monthly Dinner Church

Grace United Methodist 6316 North Tulsa P: 405-943-9683 Worship: 9:30am Sunday School: 10:40am Pastors: Rev. Jessica Maynard, Rev. Ginger Howl Other Activities: Choir Practice Wed. at 6:30pm

First United Methodist Church 131 NW 4th Street P: 405–238-6493 Worship: 10:45am Sunday School: 9:30am Pastor: Rev. Lesly Broadbent Other Activities: Sun. Breakfast 9:00am, Bible Study Wed. 6:30pm

Chapel Hill United Methodist Church 2717 West Hefner Road P: 405-751-0755 Worship: 8:30am & 11:00am Sunday School: 9:40am Pastors: Rev. Mark Jardine, Rev. Christy Germany, Rev. Jonathon Clinesmith Other Activities: Choir and Small Groups

Quayle United Methodist Church 5001 N. Everest Ave P: 405-424-2770 Worship: 10:00am Sunday School: 8:45am Pastors: Rev. Frankye Johnson, Rev. Erica Thomas Other Activities: QBI Wednesays 6:00pm, Fresh Connect

St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church 1901 NW 18th P: 405-528-0485 Mass: Sat – 5:00pm; Sun – 8:30am and 11:30am Confession: Sun - 3:00pm-4:00pm Pastor: Rev. William Novak Other Activities: Young Adults Group

First Presbyterian Church 1011 NW 25th – P: 405-525-6584 Worship: 8:30am & 11:00am Sunday School: 9:30am Pastor: Rev. John McKinnon Other Activities: Wed 5:30 dinner, classes, music; Young Adult/Campus Ministry

Crown Heights Christian Church 4020 N Western Ave.– P: 405-528-5568 Worship: 10:45am Sunday School: 9:30am Pastor: Rev. Aaron Krueger

Trinity International Baptist Church 1328 NW 23rd – P: 405-528-6327 Worship: 10:45am Sunday School: 9:30am Pastor: Rev. Tobin Jackson (English); Bouavongkham Phantala (Lao Thai);
Other Weekly Activities: Bible Study Wed. 6:00 pm

5th Street Missionary Baptist Church 801 NE 5th Street P:405-235-6031; Worship: 8:30am & 11:00am Sunday School: 10:00am Pastor: Rev. A. Byron Coleman Other Activities: College Groups available

Northwest Baptist Church 3030 NW 23rd Street P:405-942-5557 Worship: 10:45am, 10:50am, 11am Sunday School: 9:30am NW Network of Churches at this location offer services in: English, Spanish, Chinese, and Burmese.

Our Lord’s Lutheran Church, ELCA 2900 W. Hefner Road P:405-755-2660 Worship: 10:30am Pastor: Rev. Amanda Epsing

St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral 127 NW 7th P:405-235-3436 Worship: 8am, 9am, 11am; Chapel 12:10pm on Thursdays Sunday School: 10:10am Pastor: Rev. Susan Joplin

Church of the Open Arms, UCC 3131 N Pennsylvania Ave P:405-525-9555 Worship: 11:00am Other Activities: Friday, Food Pantry 4-6pm; Cathedral of Hope worship, Sun. 6:00pm

Mayflower Congregational Church 3901 NW 63rd St P:405-842-8897 Worship: 9am & 11am Sunday School: 10am Pastors: Rev. Dr. Robin Myers, Rev. Lori Walke

First Baptist Church 1201 N. Robinson Ave. P:405-232-4255 Worship: 10:30 Sunday School: 9:15am Pastor: Rev. Mack Roark Other Activities: Wed. Meal 5pm, Bible Study 6pm, Choir 7pm;

CrossTown Church 2433 NW. 30th P:405-445-4523 Worship: 10:30am Pastors: Ben Janssen

For more information on church locations, or for a conversation about worship in the Oklahoma City area, we encourage you to contact Rev. Elizabeth Horton-Ware (Director of Religious Life ext. 5484).

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