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The Wesley Center

The Wesley Center is Oklahoma City University's on campus Christian Ministry. Grounded in United Methodist theology, this ministry is open to students from all backgrounds who choose to gather and enrich their spiritual lives.

Space for the Spirit

Located in the lower level of the Bishop W. Angie Smith Chapel, The Wesley Center has space for worship, small group gatherings, and individual study and reflection. The Religious Life Office is also located in this lower level. The Director of Religious Life is available to help students engage in The Wesley Center and other Religious Life organizations and events. The Director is also available for the spiritual guidance of students.


Evensong, The Wesley Center's weekly worship service takes place at 8:00 pm every Monday night during the academic year. Modern worship music is led by our student worship team. The worship also includes a relevant message from Scripture, time for prayer, and Holy Communion each week.

Small Groups

Small groups help students grow deeper in their Christian faith. With small groups designed for specifically for first year students, new students will find a community of faith that can encourage them in their daily life on campus. After the first year on campus, students who participate in small groups are prepared to serve as leaders in the Wesley Center and to welcome new students as small group facilitators.

Sent Out in Mission

Several mission teams are sent out to serve each ear. From the Oklahoma City University campus they have served in locations both domestically and abroad. Previous teams have served in Belize, The Bahamas, Alaska, and Oklahoma. Teams are typically comprised of students and other members of the campus community.