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Residency Requirement

Part of the culture and tradition at Oklahoma City University is the invaluable experience of living on campus. It provides a community where you can live, learn, and create lifelong memories. University Housing offers living options to suit personality and living needs, providing varied environments for students to achieve their goals while at Oklahoma City University.

Oklahoma City University believes by students living on campus students will:

  • Have an increase in academic enrichment through heightened engagement with faculty and academic resources.

  • Choose to be active members within the campus community.

  • Learn outside of the classroom to be independent, to develop healthy relationships, and develop and grow personal identities.

  • Be surrounded by others that approached during a similar life stage in life finding support within the campus community and surrounding resources.

  • Enjoy a diverse community, where roommates and others have various viewpoints, and goals, preparing them for future careers and relationships within their community.

  • Become more aware of their actions and accountability structures as members of a larger community.

  • Experience personal growth, face challenges, and foster friendships that generate life long memories.

To ensure the quality of the student experience, OCU requires all unmarried students to live on campus until they turn the age of 21. The student must turn the age of 21 before the first day of Fall semester classes or Spring semester classes if the spring term is their first full-time enrolled semester that academic year.

Residency Requirement Exemption

The Residency Requirement Exemption process is intended to allow students to live off-campus that meet specific requirements to be exempt from the policy. For more information on this please see the Apply for Residency Exemption webpage.