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Emergency Move-Out Information

Procedure for Moving Out of On-campus Housing

All students that currently residing on campus must vacate campus by Sunday, April 5, 2020 unless approved for emergency housing.

For questions regarding this, contact Housing and Residence Life at:

All students need to sign up for a time slot to move out of on-campus housing

The check-out times will help with practicing social distancing within on-campus housing. The form for your residential community may be found below:

  1. Banning Hall
  2. Cokesbury Apartments
  3. Draper Hall
  4. Methodist Hall
  5. Walker Hall

Moving your belongings out of your room

  1. Bring your own packing and moving supplies.
  2. Do not park in any disabled parking spaces or block a fire lane.
  3. Loading Zones:
    1. Methodist Hall: Please go to one of the 4 loading zones within L1 and L2 parking garage, East Side entrance, or the North Side loading area.
    2. Banning Hall: Please pull into the parking spaces in front of Banning Hall and do not impede traffic by parking in the road. You will be asked to move your vehicle and possibly given a citation.
    3. Draper Hall: Please use the parking spots allocated in front of Draper Hall and do not park in the driving lanes.
    4. Walker Hall: Please park along Noble Drive.

Check-out and key return

  1. All check-outs will be in the form of express checkout and will not require any housing staff to check you out of your assigned space.
  2. The express check-out envelopes will be located at the following locations based on your residential community:
    1. In Banning, Walker, and Methodist Hall, there will be express check-out forms at the front desk.
    2. In Draper Hall, the express check-out forms will be on the table in the lobby.
    3. In Cokesbury Apartments, the express check-out forms will be located on a table in the clubhouse.

How to check out

  1. Sign all all applicable express check-out forms.
  2. Place the express check out form and keys in the provided envelope.
  3. Place sealed envelope in the drop bins located in the same location that you picked your forms us. There will be signs for each check-out bin at the following locations:
    1. Banning, Methodist, and Walker Hall – Front Desk
    2. Draper Hall – Lobby Table
    3. Cokesbury Apartments – Clubhouse

Damages/Cleaning Charges

Housing and Residence Life staff will conduct room walk-throughs in the following weeks after move out. It will be at that time that students may be charged for any damages or excessive cleaning that needs to be resolved.

If you have already moved out and removed all of your belongings and do not need to return to campus, please contact housing at to make arrangements for returning your key to officially check out.

I am unable to remove my items from my room. What are my options?

On-Campus Storage: If a student is unable to remove all of their belongings, they can register for them to remain in their assigned room. All items must be removed and the student must be checked out by May 10th. More information and registration for this option can be found HERE.

Proxy Move Out: A student can identify a proxy to pack up and remove their belongings. More information and registration form for this option can be found HERE. Please allow for at least 48 hours for this form to be reviewed and approved by housing officials.

How do I sign up for a check-out time?

  1. The number of students able to sign up for each check-out time is limited, due to social distancing.Students will be allowed to sign up for a check-out time based on the times allotted on the forms.
  2. Utilize the links below to sign up for a check-out time:
    1. Banning Hall
    2. Cokesbury Apartments
    3. Draper Hall
    4. Methodist Hall
    5. Walker Hall

What are the expectations for cleanliness when I leave my space? Can I check out cleaning supplies?

We ask that you remove ALL items, trash, and belongings. Do your best to clean your space with the supplies you have.

Do you have carts available at move out?

We will not have any carts available for move out. We recommend you bring dollies to get your belonging to your car.

What if I moved all of my belongings out of my room and want to mail my key back?

Residents can mail their key back to the Department of Housing and Residence Life following the specifications listed below. Housing and Residence life is not responsible for returned keys that are lost in the mail.

Key must be sent Certified Mail or FedEx.

Key must be placed in a sturdy envelope that cannot be easily damaged by the keys inside. It is recommended to utilize a bubble mailer/envelope.

Key must be mailed to:

Housing and Residence Life
2501 N Blackwelder Ave
Oklahoma City, Ok 73106

How are you going to maintain social distancing when so many students are moving out?

  • We will support social distancing by the check-out schedule we have developed.
  • We encourage all students to practice social distancing during this time on-campus.

What happens if I leave my items on campus and do not pick them up?

Students have the option to store their items on campus in their assigned room until May 10th. Students will need to retrieve their items and check out of university housing by that date. Students can register to store their items by completing the form linked to at the top of this page.

Will there be emergency housing for students?

Emergency housing will be available for approved individuals that meet an extreme hardship situation.

The form must be submitted by Saturday, March 21st by noon.

It will reviewed and the decision will be communicated through email to each individual student.

Can I get emergency housing if I am self-isolating or quarantined?

Unfortunately, out of safety and precaution for students that remain in the residence halls and apartments, we do not have the facilities capable of providing student quarantine.

If I am in emergency housing can I come and go as I want?

  • We recommend students limit their travel in and out of the residence hall.
  • Please, no visitors or overnight guests.

Will university staff be on campus to help support students in emergency housing?

There will be staff on-call to support students and respond to emergencies. All hall offices will be closed. If a student needs a lock-out key, they will need to call the on-call number provided at the office.

Will I be refunded for housing and dining services?

The University is working to address pro-rated refunds for housing and dining charges for students. Additional information will be forthcoming as these decisions are finalized.

What if I am unable or don't want to leave? Am I able to stay on campus?

Only students who are approved for emergency housing will be allowed to stay on campus until May 10th. Students must apply and be approved to qualify for emergency housing.

If I can't return to campus can I get assistance with packing and shipping?

Students who are absolutely unable to return to campus can opt for one of two things.

  1. Complete the proxy form linked at the top of this page to identify a proxy to package and move all items. A proxy form can be sent to students upon request. All items must be removed from campus housing by May 10th, 2020.
  2. Complete storage request form linked at the top of this page and store your items in your assigned room until May 10th, 2020. All items must be removed from campus housing by May 10th, 2020.

Resources available to on-campus students

Car Rental

Enterprise Rental Caris current waiving all underage fees for College Students with a valid university ID. 1-855-266-9565


Uhaul is offering 30 days of free storage

2 Fellas Moving Company – 405-601-2078

Moving Companies

2 Fellas and Moving Company – (locally and nationally) – 405-601-2078

Home internet Access

Charter/Spectrum – 2 months free internet for all college students