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Residential Services

Here in Housing and Residence Life it is our goal to help our students feel comfortable in their space by offering services that help enhance their experience and meet their unique needs. Our department offers services ranging from care packages and linens to storage options, micro fridge rental and many more services.

Care Packages

Share your love and support all year long with the Oklahoma City University care package program. A care package is the best way to remind your student that their parents are thinking of them on a birthday, holiday, or during final exams — no matter the occasion, a care package says it all.

Each care package is loaded with all of your student's favorite snacks, including fresh baked cakes or cookies, fresh fruit, candy bars, and more! The best part is that you can include your own personal note to your student in every package. Don't just show them how much you care; instead, tell them! Your student is practically guaranteed to call home and say "thank you" when their package arrives. We offer a wide variety of options that will fit any budget and satisfy your student's cravings. We even have gluten- and peanut-free packages to choose from. For more information please visit the care package program website.

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Linens Program

Oklahoma City University offers the Residence Hall Linens program. Here at OCU we would like to maximize student comfort and design in each residence hall room. It is important to obtain bedding that fits this non-standard mattress size so make sure to check your hall details for your bed size. When you reserve your college bedding through the linens program you ensure that you will have the correct size linens for move-in. The selection is larger than you will find anywhere else, at prices that are budget-friendly. Best of all, every product available through this program is guaranteed to fit and guaranteed to last from move-in all the way to graduation. Extra-long sheets, extra-long mattress pads, extra-long comforters, pillows, decor, storage solutions, and all other products are backed by this guarantee.

We recommend that parents and students respond early in order to have the widest selection of college bedding to choose from. You will guarantee your first choice color or pattern and make great progress on your college shopping checklist. For more information, call 1(800) 957-4338 or visit the Residence Hall Linens program website.

MicroFridge Rental

Oklahoma City University now partners with Collegiate Concepts to offer a quick, easy, and convenient option to renting a micro-fridge. Features of the micro-fridge are below:

    • True zero degree freezer
    • one plug to the wall to run both the microwave and refrigerator
    • glass turntable in a microwave oven
    • 2-liter bottle storage on door
    • energy star rated

Micro-Fridges are delivered straight to the student's room and picked up at the end of the year. They can be rented for $219 and all orders to be guaranteed must be entered by August 1st. All details on services and equipment can be found on the Collegiate Concepts website or by calling 1-515-597-2303.

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