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Fall & Spring Move-Out

Important Dates

Fall Move-Out

  • Dec 11: Late Stay request submission deadline at 5:00 pm

  • Dec 17: Residence Halls and Apartments Close at 5:00 pm

Spring Move-Out

  • April 30: Late Stay request submission deadline at 5:00 pm

  • May 8: Residence Halls and Apartments Close at 12:00 pm

Checkout Policy

The University Housing Contract ends 24 hours after your last final examination. Please make plans to move within this 24-hour time frame.

Checkout Process

All checkouts will be in the form of express checkout and will not require any housing

Staff to be with you to check out. The express checkout envelopes will be located at the following locations based on your residential community:

  • In Banning Hall, Walker hall, and Methodist Hall, there will be express check out forms at the front desk

  • In Cokesbury apartments, the express checkout forms will be located on a table in the clubhouse by the Housing Office.

How to check out

  • Clean the entirety of your assigned space including common spaces. Check lists will be sent out before Move-out to help prepare students.

  • Pick up an express check out envelope from your residential community.

  • Completely fill out and sign all the express check out forms.

  • Place forms and keys in envelope and seal it

  • Place the sealed envelope in the drop bins located where you picked up your forms.

  • There will be signs for each check out bin at the following locations:
    • Banning Hall, Methodist Hall, and Walker Hall – Front desk

    • Cokesbury Apartments – Clubhouse Housing Office

Late Checkout

If you check out after 5:00 pm on the day the residence halls or apartments are closing, you are subject to a $25 per hour improper checkout fee. Slow elevators, traffic and cart shortages are not valid reasons to waive this charge.

Extended Stay Request

If you need to check out after 5 p.m. on the day the Residence Halls or apartments are closing, you must submit an Extended Stay Request in the Housing Portal, by the above listed deadline, and receive prior written permission from your Residence Life Coordinator. Your Residence Life Coordinator will notify you of your Extended Stay approval or denial via email. If approved for an extended stay the charge will be $15 per night.

Room Inspection and Damages

Room Inspections

  • When you check out, your room should be in the condition it was at Move-In. Housing and Residence Life staff will inspect your room within a week after closing. You will be billed for any discrepancies of the condition of your room at the time of inspection as compared to its initial condition.

  • If you are billed for damage, you will receive an email by the end of May. Charges will be applied to your student account.

Damage Billing and Common Charges

Below are some of the damages residents are most commonly billed for:

  • Rooms, bathrooms, and appliances left dirty, including leaving trash.

  • Personal items left and abandoned in the room.

  • Missing or damaged room furniture. If something is damaged, submit a Work Order. If you are responsible for the damage, you may be charged.

  • Decals/stickers/tape/putty/marks left on windows, walls, doors and furniture.

  • 3M strips, tacks, putty, stickers and other items left on walls, ceilings, and doors.

  • Lost room or mail keys

  • Smoke detector not connected or functioning. If this is the case, submit a Work Order immediately.

  • Improper check out

Abandoned Property

Personal belongings left in your room after you have vacated are labeled as abandoned property. Abandoned items are immediately discarded and not stored by OCU Housing and Residence Life per the Housing Contract and University Policy.


Cleaning the space upon move-out is the responsibility of everyone in the room or suite. To leave your room in the best condition possible, take the following steps:

  • Remove all personal belongings.

  • Vacuum and sweep floors. Dust wall trim, baseboards, and furniture pieces. Use a wet mop on hard surfaces.

  • Remove scuff marks, spots and spills.

  • Clean any dirt, hair, soap film or stains in the sink.

  • Scrub sink, tub, toilet, and shower with disinfectant.

  • Clean mirrors with glass cleaner.

  • Wipe out all cabinets and vanities

  • Remove tape, adhesives, 3M strips, stickers, posters and marks from walls.

  • Wipe down all shelves, surfaces and drawers, as well as window sills and blinds.

  • Remove all garbage, and clean trash receptacles.

  • Remove all food from the refrigerator and freezer.

  • Clean appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, and stove tops inside and out.

Mail Forwarding

Use of the school's address is reserved for those students living on campus. When you move off campus you must notify anyone who might have your campus address. Because we are a business address you may not use a Change-Of-Address mail forwarding order with the USPS. Please provide your forwarding information to the Campus Mail Center and we will forward any first-class mail for up to one year.

Summer Storage

OCU has contracted with USS for a custom summer storage service. $65/box includes pick up, storage, and delivery. Visit the USS website to order supplies, choose a pick up time and specify items to store. USS is the official storage vendor for OCU Housing and Residence Life.

MicroFridge Rental

Students who rented a Micro-Fridge from USS will need to follow the below instructions to prepare for pick up before they move out. For more information please see the USS Website.

  • Fridges and Microwaves will need to be cleaned and defrosted. Please allow the unit a couple days to fully defrost and dry up before placing it outside of your room. We do not want any mold growing inside the units.

  • Units will need to be left OUTSIDE of the rooms before departure.

  • If the unit is not cleaned, there will be a $25.00 cleaning fee

  • USS will be picking up units AFTER the University closes, there is no need to schedule a pick up date with us.