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CETL Advisory Board

  • Dia Campbell-Detrixhe

    Dia Campbell-Detrixhe

    Professor of Nursing

  • Genevieve Clarkson

    Genevieve Clarkson

    Assistant Professor of Tuba and Euphonium

  • Courtney Dibello

    Courtney Dibello

    Assistant Professor of Stage Management

  • Melissa Hakman

    Melissa Hakman

    Associate Prof. of Psychology, Dir. of Child Advocacy Studies/Clinical Faculty

  • Susan Jurney

    Susan Jurney

    Associate Professor of Accounting

  • Randy Macon

    Randy Macon

    Director of Nonprofit Leadership

  • Adam Ryburn

    Adam Ryburn

    Professor of Biology

  • Rachel Suggs

    Rachel Suggs

    Professor of Arts Management