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  • Oklahoma City University is closing its campus on Tuesday, October 27, due to weather conditions. All classes, including remote learning, are cancelled. Employees are not expected to work remotely.

CETL Advisory Board

  • Lisa Delgado Brown

    Lisa Delgado Brown

    Assistant Professor of Education

  • Dia Campbell-Detrixhe

    Dia Campbell-Detrixhe

    Associate Professor of Nursing

  • Kelly Holst

    Kelly Holst

    Associate Professor of Music

  • Susan Jurney

    Susan Jurney

    Associate Professor of Accounting

  • Randy Macon

    Randy Macon

    Director of Nonprofit Leadership

  • Adam Ryburn

    Adam Ryburn

    Professor of Biology

  • Courtney Dibello

    Courtney Dibello

    Assistant Professor of Stage Management

  • Rachel Suggs

    Rachel Suggs

    Professor of Arts Management