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IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction is a tool that allows course feedback to be translated into actionable steps to improve student learning.  Feedback is based on a set of 13 relevant course learning objectives chosen by the instructor, instructor teaching methods, and overall impression of the instructor and course. 


The student access link:

The faculty access link:

Here are the important IDEA dates for Fall 2017: 

TermSurveys Open to StudentsSurveys CloseReports Released
Accelerated 1st 9 weeksOct. 2ndOct. 8thOct. 20th
Accelerated 2nd 9 weeksDec. 11thDec. 17thDec. 29th
Block IOct. 4thOct. 13thOct. 27th
Block IIDec. 6thDec. 15thDec. 27th
Traditional SemesterDec. 6thDec. 15thDec. 27th