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Course Evaluation Resources

Below are some of the commonly requested IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction resources for OCU Faculty.


The student access link:

The faculty access link:

Administration Script:

Providing the following instructions to your students, either in person or via email, may be helpful for the successful administration of the IDEA CL Student Ratings of Instruction system.

“As a student of Oklahoma City University and a student in this course, you play an important role in the continued improvement of the learning experiences at our institution. By providing your honest and constructive feedback, you can not only help the institution to ensure the highest quality of instruction, but most importantly, help your professor to better the course and strengthen future learning.

Your feedback will be most helpful to the professor and to the institution is you answer thoughtfully and honestly. IDEA CL focuses on providing learning objective feedback for the course and the teaching methods used. As such, a professor is NOT expected to have done everything mentioned in the survey, and items not related to the course are NOT counted in the final evaluation. Avoid answering open-ended questions with a simple “yes” or “no”, but instead consider the “why” and “how.”

As you provide feedback, you should know that while the results of your ratings will be included as part of the information used to make decisions about promotion and tenure, the purpose of these surveys is to, first and foremost, help professors improve the teaching environment and strengthen the learning. It is not a consumer complaint mechanism. Fairness to both the individual and the institution require accurate and honest answers. While others will read these reports, student raters should answer the questions as if addressing the professor and do so in a respectful and professional manner.

Your ratings and comments are always anonymous, and are kept confidential until after final grades are input and released.

**Again, your answers are anonymous and confidential, and your honest and thoughtful feedback is highly valued and greatly appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the IDEA CL Student Ratings of Instruction survey for this course.”

Printable Version: Administration Script