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Help Requests

Sometimes the hardest part of getting help is to know who to ask. We have a few categories of instructional technology help. Please read the descriptions below and choose the option that best fits your needs. Follow the link provided.

If you have a question about:Contact this resource:
Your computer, email or a standard
computer program (like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint)
OCU Helpdesk
p: 405-208-5555
An upcoming CETl Event or a CETL ClassroomCETL Coordinator, Cady Lewis
p: 405-208-5580
D2L Basic SkillsD2L Basics E-Course
or YouTube Tutorials
Traditional, Academic D2l Course Enrollment; Cross-listing, or Conjoined CoursesOCU Registrar's Office
p: 405-208-5294
Non-Academic D2L Course Enrollment (for faculty training, student incompletes, etc.)Non-Academic Enrollment Request Form
Course Design, Online Teaching, or other D2l issuesSr. Educational Technologist, Josh Waggoner
p: 405-208-5584

Educational Technologist, Sky Toland

p: 405-208-5583


Are you having issues with an online course or with the learning management system ( We are here to help you 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Here is how you can reach us:p: 405-208-5550

One-on-One Educational Technology Consultation

Examples of this kind of Help Request:

  • Help designing an online course
  • Help creating a custom homepage for your course

Contact Josh: