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  • Due to weather, all OCU in-person and remote classes are cancelled for Thursday, Oct. 29. If conditions allow them to do so, staff are asked to work remotely. Due to mechanical and technical issues, OCU Law School in-person and remote classes are cancelled for Thursday, Oct. 29.

Help Requests

Sometimes the hardest part of getting help is to know who to ask. We have a few categories of instructional technology help. Please read the descriptions below and choose the option that best fits your needs. Follow the link provided.

If you have a question about:Contact this resource:
Your computer, email or a standard
computer program (like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint)
OCU Helpdesk
p: 405-208-5555
An upcoming CETl Event, a CETL Classroom, or IDEA Student Ratings of InstructionCETL Coordinator, Cady Lewis
p: 405-208-5580
D2L Basic SkillsD2L Basics E-Course or YouTube Tutorials
Traditional, Academic D2l Course Enrollment; Cross-listing, or Conjoined CoursesOCU Registrar's Office
p: 405-208-5294
Non-Academic D2L Course Enrollment (for faculty training, student incompletes, etc.)Non-Academic Enrollment Request Form
Course Design, Online Teaching, or other D2l issuesEducational Technologist, Josh Waggoner
p: 405-208-5584
Are you having issues with an online course or with the learning management system ( We are here to help you 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Here is how you can reach us:p: 405-208-5550

One-on-One Instructional Technology Consultation

Examples of this kind of Help Request:

  • Help designing an online course
  • Help creating a custom homepage for your course

Contact Josh: