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Preparing for Asynchronous Learning - Panopto

What Is Panopto?

Panopto is a lecture capture platform that allows the instructor to record both audio and video (webcam) as well as select a secondary source, such as a powerpoint or the main computer screen and record that as well. The recording is then stored in the Panopto Cloud and a link is generated that can be shared with students.

Why Use Panopto?

Panopto can be used to record a lesson any time the instructor wants to record, the video can be shared with students to view when they have the opportunity. The link generated after recording is sent to the instructors OCU email, and that link can be sent to students via any electronic means.

Panopto is Not For Everyone

Although Panopto has been designed to be "easy" to use, learning new platforms can be challenging, especially given the sudden shift in course delivery. If Panopto is not for you, that is ok. There is no need to add extra stress. 

Steps for Getting Started

If you would like to try using Panopto take the following steps:

Download the Panopto Recorder

  1. Open a web browswer and navigate to
  2. Sign in with ADFS - use your school email/password credentialing
  3. Download the Panopto Recorder for your computer
    1. The download link is under your name in the upper right corner of the browser
    2. Windows users choose 64-bit
    3. Mac users choose MacOS
  4. Install the Panopto Recorder
    1. If prompted for a site:
  5. Email [email protected] to ensure that you have a personal recording folder "My Folder" setup

Record your lesson

  1. Click the green "Create" button at the top of the page
    1. Choose to record a new session
  2. Make sure that you are recording to your "My Folder"
  3. Name the lesson you are recording
  4. Choose the audio and video inputs
  5. Choose the secondary source
    1. Computer screen
    2. PowerPoint
    3. other programs
  6. Click "Record"
  7. Record your lesson
  8. Click "Stop"
  9. Your lesson with automatically process to the Panopto cloud. Once the video is ready, a link will be sent to your OCU email.

Resources from Panopto

Getting Started

Video Tutorials