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Workshops & Events

Each semester, the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning offers a full schedule of teaching and learning events.

All workshops will be recorded and made available on the new CETL Faculty Development Hub. Click here if you would like more information or would like to request access to the Hub.

OKC MOA Presentation: Isabelle de Borchgrave: Fashioning Art from Paper

Week at the Museum Special Presentation: Isabelle de Borchgrave: Fashioning Art from Paper

Facilitated By: Bryon Chambers

Wednesday, September 5th @ 12:15pm & 2:15pm

Presented by Bryon Chambers of Oklahoma City Museum of Art, this presentation is sure to paint a picture of the Isabelle be Borchgrave exhibit. Don't miss this opportunity! Click the link below for more information and to reserve your seat for this special presentation.

2018 Week At The Museum

Workshop Series #1: Guest Speaker Series: "Recipes for Success in Learning"

Meaningful Grading for Faculty in the Arts

Facilitated By: Lawrence Heyman

Wednesday, September 12th @ 12:00pm - 1:00pm

This will be a workshop to help develop reliable, effective and authentic standards and criterion-based grade systems in art and performance classrooms.

To register for this workshop, CLICK HERE.

Tech Tools for Classroom Engagement - Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion Facilitated By: Paul Gebb

Wednesday, September 19th @ 12:00pm - 1:00pm

We all want to try new tech tools, which encourage classroom engagement, but have little time to learn more about them and how to use them. This workshop will highlight how three tech tools: Kahoot, Flipgrid, and Quizlet can be integrated into your classes. Come see how other professors are using these tools in their courses.

Writing to Learn, Writing to Imagine

Facilitated By: Karen Schiler

Monday, September 24th @ 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Have you ever considered how to incorporate more writing into your course? This workshop will focus on how writing exercises can be designed to amplify student engagement without adding to the instructor's burden of grading. We will further explore how to frame writing exercises as a way to invite students to imagine themselves and their field in new ways.

To register for this workshop, CLICK HERE.

Rebroadcast: An Integrated Approach to Student Exams

A Magna Online Seminar

Thursday, October 4th, @ 12pm, DBL 214

Join us on October 4 for Rebroadcast: An Integrated Approach to Student Exams, a Magna Online Seminar by Maryellen Weimer, PhD. Designed to help teaching faculty see exams from a new perspective. We’ll look at simple strategies faculty can use every day, whether online or in the classroom, to ensure exams are not simply perceived as grade-generating mechanisms but instead recognized as enriched learning tools that will have a significant impact on student success.

Discover a more integrated approach to testing. The seminar covers the following:

  • Instructional strategies that promote more effective exam study skills
  • Creative uses of quizzes that do more than just get students to come to class
  • Exam review and debrief sessions where students engage with the content and confront the ways they are learning

To register for this workshop, CLICK HERE.

How Did We Get Here?: A First-day to Mid-semester Check-up

Facilitated By: Adam Ryburn

Tuesday, October 23rd @ 12:00pm - 1:00pm

This workshop will explore strategies for getting your class started out on the right foot and how to use midterm reflection to finish strong. Participants will discuss syllabus design and activities surrounding the first week of class, and share ideas of how to reflect on the first half of the semester.

To register for this workshop, CLICK HERE.

Developing a Faculty-led Study Abroad

Facilitated By: Mary Benner

Wednesday, October 24th @ 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Have you ever thought about leading a study tour to another country? Is the idea too daunting to contemplate? The Office of Global Engagement is here to help. All faculty are invited to attend this workshop to find out more about the process of developing a faculty-led study tour. Those who are ready to dive in, can begin the process for summer 2020, but having a plan is not required, this workshop will show you how.

To register for this workshop, CLICK HERE.

Cengage Textbook Integration Demonstration

Facilitated By: Paul Gebb

Friday, November 9th @ 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Do you currently use a Cengage textbook or an educational software product (e.g. MindTap)? CETL is helping to integrate these products directly into D2L and we want to show you how easy it is to import content directly into your course. Come learn how to improve the student experience and provide direct Cengage helpdesk support for your students.

4th Annual Faculty Scholarship Forum

4th Annual Faculty Scholarship Forum

Wednesday, October 3rd @ 10:30am - 4pm

The 4th Annual Faculty Scholarship Forum allows the OKCU community (students, faculty, and staff) to share in knowledge acquired through applied study. This event is designed to highlight academic innovation, build community, and emphasize the study of evidence-based practices within scholarly research.

Come learn more about what faculty do when they are not teaching!

More information about submitting to this event coming soon!

Workshop Series #2: Inclusivity in the Classroom (Jan 23rd - Feb 6th)

Inclusivity and Transforming Classroom Practice

Facilitated By: Paul Gebb

Wednesday, January 23rd @ 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Inclusivity in the classroom is stifled by power imbalance, singularity, and uniformity of thought. In this workshop, we wil share and explore course design elements (lesson frameworks, discussion facilitation guides, rubrics, and classroom environment evaluations) that may be revised to create more inclusive classroom practices.

To register for this workshop, CLICK HERE.

Taking a Contemplative Approach to Inclusivity in the Classroom

Facilitated By: Ashley Harness

Wednesday, January 30th @ 2:30pm - 3:30pm

With an understanding of the importance of creating an inclusive classroom, and armed with some inclusive classroom practices, we continue on to the second workshop in the "Inclusivity in the Classroom" series. In this workshop, we will look more specifically at some contemplative activities that faculty can use in the classroom to help students to feel more included, as well as gain life-changing perspectives on the life experiences of their fellow classmates. We will look at how each activity might influence the level of inclusivity, and how we can adapt these acitivities for our individual and classroom needs.

To register for this workshop, CLICK HERE.

Universal Design: Reach Every Learner AND Make Your Life Easier with Technology

Facilitated By: TBD

Wednesday, February 6th @ 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Whether you are trying to adapt your course to met the varying needs of your students, or simply make your life easier, Universal Design for Learning can help! In this workshop, participants will learn about the concept of Universal Design and utilize it to create new, accessible activities in their courses.

To register for this course, CLICK HERE.

Workshop Series #3: The Science of Learning (Feb. 12th - Feb 26th)

Energizing the Classroom with the Science of Emotion

Facilitated By: Paul Gebb

Tuesday, February 12th @ 12:00pm - 1:00pm

William Butler Yeats said, "Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." In this workshop, we will share and explore how to "spark," "fuel," and "protect" the love of learning by leveraging the neuroscience of our students' emotions.

To register for this workshop, CLICK HERE.

A Look at the Neuroscience of Learning and Development

Facilitated By: Ashley Harness

Tuesday, February 19th @ 12:00pm - 1:00pm

"Starting with the premise that our current linear, course-based educational practices are frequently at odds with how our neurological systems facilitate learning and personal development, the authors of The Neuroscience of Learning and Development set out an alternative model othat emphasizes a holistic approach to education that integrates mindful inquiry practice with self-authorship and the regulation of emotion as the cornerstones of learning, while demonstrating how these align with the latest discoveries in neuroscience."

In this workshop, we will take a brief look at the main concepts found in the book The Neuroscience of Learning and Development, and discuss how we might make some of the changes that are suggested to improve and support learning and development for our students. We will spend time looking at some of the techniques and activities suggested, as well as time discussing how we can take the information back to our area of specialty. Participants should come ready to engage in group discussion.

To register for this workshop, CLICK HERE.

"The Hook Brings You Back": Using Technology to Motivate Students

Facilitated By: TBD

Tuesday, February 26th @ 12:00pm - 1:00pm

In the hands of a savvy educator, technology can be a powerful motivator for students. In this workshop, participants will learn 3 main types of motivational technology integration (including gamification) to increase student motivation, and get hands-on experience with various technologies that can inspire both students and faculty.

To register for this workshop, CLICK HERE.

12th Annual Faculty Awards Luncheon

12th Annual CETL Awards Luncheon - Wed. April 10th, 2019

The CETL Awards Luncheon is an annual event where faculty, students, staff, and administrators gather to celebrate excellence in teaching and learning from across the OKCU campus. The inaugural event began in 2007 and featured six awards. In 2015, the Service Learning Partner award was added to recognize community partners that work with faculty in OKCU-sponsored Service-Learning courses.

The 12th Annual Faculty Awards Luncheon will take place on Wednesday, April 10th, 2019 in the Great Hall. More information about this year's event coming soon!

Social Events

CETL's Fall Welcome Back Event

Friday, August 24th (12pm - 3pm)

Don't miss this year's Welcome Back Event! There will be games, snacks and lots of fun! We will showcase this year's Learning Communities and some exciting new changes to the Faculty Development Hub! Come sign up for a Learning Community, grab a snack and play our Welcome Back Scavenger Hunt!!

The event lasts from 12pm- 3pm - come and go as you please!