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Diversity & Inclusion Council

Oklahoma City University’s restructured Council on Diversity and Inclusion formed in Fall 2019 and focuses on six key areas:

  • Academics/Curriculum and Faculty Recruitment/Retention
  • Communications, Marketing and External Relations
  • Policy and Data
  • Student Engagement and Retention
  • Employee Recruitment, Engagement and Retention
  • Student Recruitment and Enrollment

Core Value

Diversity and Inclusion is one of Oklahoma City University’s core values. At OCU, Diversity and Inclusion is defined as striving to understand and embrace our differences and taking purposeful action to foster a welcoming and supportive environment for all.


Amy Ayres, Vice President for Student Affairs, and Joey Croslin, Vice President for Human Resources

Leslie Berger
Senior Communications Director

Monica Brinker
Senior Coordinator for Talent Acquisition

Destini Carrington

Tasha Casey-Loveless
Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Bill Citty
Interim Director of Campus Police

Mohamed Daadaoui
Professor of Political Science

Courtney Dibello
Assistant Professor of Stage Management

Jessica Martinez-Brooks
Interim Diversity and Inclusion Advocate

Shauntae Moham
Employee Relations Manager

Judy Reyes-Henderson
Assistant Vice President for University Development

Casey Ross
General Counsel

Tiffany Smith
Director of Student Engagement

Russ Tallchief
Director of Student Diversity and Inclusion

Bobby Trae Trousdale
Student Government Association President

Kelly Williams
Director for Institutional Research

Kevin Windholz
Vice President for Enrollment Management and University Communications


Communications, Marketing and External Relations

Communicate and promote:

  • The work of the D&I council
  • The university’s diversity activities and perspective of our campus
  • Efforts to recruit faculty, staff and students
  • Community relations outreach to the greater Oklahoma City community at-large, while seeking to identify new opportunities to connect with external partners.


Leslie Berger and Judy Reyes-Henderson

Administrative and Student Liaisons

Joey Croslin and Trae Trousdale

Committee Members

  • Patricia Ashford (Student)
  • Imad Enchassi (Faculty)
  • LaTasha Hinex (Staff)
  • Megan Hornbeek Allen (Staff)
  • Alyssa Peters (Student)
  • Terry Phelps (Faculty)
  • Janelle Warlick (Staff)
  • Addison Witzel (Staff)

Policy and Data

Review existing policies, practices and procedures and recommend updates as necessary; make recommendations for new policies, practices and procedures; and assist with the development of assessment and collection/review of data.


Casey Ross and Kelly Williams

Administrative and Student Liaisons

Joey Croslin and Trae Trousdale

Committee Members

  • Linda Barren (Faculty)
  • Christin Bivens (Staff)
  • Levi Harrel (Staff)
  • Brandon Katzir (Faculty)
  • Leondre Lattimore (Student)
  • Aimee Martinez (Staff)
  • Liz Willner (Faculty)
  • Regina McManigell Grijalva (Faculty)

Student Engagement and Retention

Inform policies and procedures to insure inclusive practices; engage in data collection and program assessment; engage in benchmarking; inform ongoing diversity and inclusion student education; evaluate retention data; identify at risk populations and ways to impact student success.


Tiffany Smith and Russ Tallchief

Administrative and Student Liaisons

Amy Ayres and Trae Trousdale

Committee Members

  • Kimberly Farris (Staff)
  • Kim Graham (Staff)
  • Casey Kreger (Staff)
  • Kristi Pendleton (Staff)
  • BreAuna Shaw (Student)
  • Natalia Starostina (Faculty)
  • Pamela Tucker (Faculty)
  • Bianca Bryant (Staff)

Employee Recruitment, Engagement and Retention

Assess current polices, practices, and procedures related to employee recruitment, performance management, engagement, retention, and compensation to ensure the university embodies the core values of diversity and inclusion.


Monica Brinker and Shauntae Moham

Administrative and Student Liaisons

Joey Croslin and Destini Carrington

Committee Members

  • Austin Gipson-Black (Student)
  • Annette Harper (Staff)
  • Stan Holt (Staff)
  • Andrea Moore (Staff)
  • Shanna Pope (Staff)
  • Carrie Sauer (Staff)
  • Luisa Torres (Student)
  • LaVetra Stevenson (Staff)

Student Recruitment and Enrollment

Assess current policies practices, and procedures; identify population resources that promote diversity; evaluate where we are versus where we want to be; identify potential scholarship resources; and verify scholarship data.


Tasha Casey-Loveless and Kevin Windholz

Administrative and Student Liaisons

Amy Ayres and Destini Carrington

Committee Members

  • Beth Adele (Faculty)
  • Kanika Brown (Staff)
  • Cindy Elbah (Staff)
  • Leslie Long (Faculty)
  • Yovana Lopez Medina (Student)
  • Amy McQuade (Staff)
  • Kelly Perry (Staff)