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Addressing Mail to OCU Students

Students living in campus dorms: Draper, Methodist, Banning, Walker, and Harris Hall

Student Name (First AND Last, this is very important)

Oklahoma City University

2501 N. Blackwelder Ave

Oklahoma City, OK 73106

Cokesbury Court Apartments

Student Name

2601 N. Kentucky Ave Apt #____

Oklahoma City, OK 73106

Addressing Mail to OCU Staff/Faculty

Employee Name


2501 N. Blackwelder Ave

Oklahoma City, OK 73106

Forwarding Mail

Use of the school's address is reserved for those students living on campus. When you move off campus you must notify anyone who might have your campus address. Because we are a business address you may not use a Change-Of-Address mail forwarding order with the USPS. Please provide your forwarding information to the Mail Center and we will forward any first-class mail for up to one year.