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Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology for Students with Low Vision and Learning Disabilities is located in the Dulaney-Browne Library and Law School Library. The Dulaney-Browne Library has a computer on the main floor of the Library, and a more private computer in study rooms 305 and 310. You can reserve study rooms 305 and 310 for up to 2 hours each day at the Library's website. Contact the circulation desk if you want to set up a recurring study time in these rooms to access this technology.

NOTE: Users should bring their own headphones or earbuds for use with products that read text aloud. Headphones can also be checked out at the front desk of the library for 2 hours at a time.

WYNN is a literacy software tool designed to enhance success for individuals with reading challenges and writing difficulties. WYNN was developed with the help of special educators and individuals with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dysgraphia and aphasia.

By using a bi-modal approach - simultaneous highlighting of the text as it is spoken - WYNN transforms printed text into understandable information that benefits readers of all ages including English Language Learners (ELL), struggling readers and persons with ADD (attention deficit disorder) or ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder).

WYNN Wizard is scanning and reading software. It includes optical character recognition (OCR), the ability to scan printed pages and convert them into electronic text. Speech synthesis enables this scanned text to be read aloud. Additionally, WYNN Wizard can read word processing documents, Adobe Acrobat PDF files, text files, and the Internet.

Screen Reader for People Who are Blind or Vision Impaired

JAWS is a powerful software program designed to work with a speech synthesizer to improve the productivity level of visually impaired employees, students and the casual user. By streamlining keyboard functions, automating commands, and eliminating repetition, JAWS allows the operator to learn faster and easier than ever before. JAWS is based upon a whole new approach to talking computers - that of designing software with the priorities of the blind user in mind. Yet, the sighted trainer or supervisor has not been forgotten, since JAWS offers both audible and visual flexibility.

Scan and read with ease for individuals who are blind.

A powerful tool to read, edit and manage printed text, as well as text that is imbedded in graphics. The all-new OpenBook converts your printed page into electronic text to be read aloud through its included voice synthesizer and shown on a customizable screen display. Simply scan your printed text. This powerful software program, with a choice of scanning engines, including Fine Reader 6, converts text that is imbedded in graphics for unbeatable accessibility. There are user-defined settings for magnification, character spacing, color and contrast as well as exclusive reading enhancement features that are easy to use and flexible for both the novice and advanced user.

With OpenBook, you'll experience unmatched speech, exceptional optical character recognition engine, and the ability to print from any application on your system directly into OpenBook using the Freedom Import Printer.

Magnify your PC screen up to 36 times with MAGic 11

Now computer users who need low vision aids due to macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, or other causes of low vision can take control of Web and software application pages. No longer will you struggle with type too small to see and images with indecipherable details. MAGic® screen magnification software not only increases the size of what you see on a monitor, but MAGic with Speech also speaks aloud screen contents. MAGic makes school research on the Web less challenging for those with vision loss. It smooths the way for work projects that involve report writing, spreadsheets, and working with common office-related software. MAGic makes leisure Web browsing, letter writing, blogging, chatting, and other social activities that involve the computer possible and more fun for people with vision loss.

Product information provided by the manufacturer Freedom Scientific.

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