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October Audition - Early Decision / Early Commitment

October 2020 : Virtual Early Decision/Early Commitment Audition

This audition for the fall 2021 admission has passed. The fall virtual audition is an Early Decision/Early Commitment audition. This means that those virtually attending this audition wish to become a student in the Ann Lacy School of American Dance and Entertainment in fall 2021 and have selected Oklahoma City University as their first choice university/college and the OCU dance program as their first choice dance program.

It also means that we will notify auditioners of the audition results within two or three weeks following the audition and that auditioners who are accepted must make an early commitment to OCU and the Ann Lacy School in November to become a dance major for fall 2021, applying for financial aid if needed, making a housing deposit, and taking other steps in good faith to become an OCU student in fall 2021, subject to acceptance for admission by the university. Those needing to wait until May 1st to decide which university they wish to attend should plan to attend our March audition.

For admission and scholarship consideration:

  • Dancers must apply academically to Oklahoma City University by October 18, 2020. Apply here.***
  • Register for the Audition days by October 18, 2020. Registration is now closed.
  • Submit Audition video by October 25, 2020 - a email regarding audition combination will be sent after registration is complete.
  • Attend Virtual Dancing with the Stars Day on October 31, 2020. Sessions will be held at 10AM CST and 1PM CST.

NOTE: Attendance/Participation in Saturday's activities are required for Early Decision / Early Commitment Auditioners. Auditioners must complete all technique video sessions, the personal performance, and personal presentation.

*** Auditioners do not have to wait for an official response from Oklahoma City University in order to register for the Early Commitment/Early Decision auditions.

Registration Fees

$25 for each auditioner