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For United Kingdom (UK) Dancers




America’s premier university dance program specializing in tap, jazz, theatre dance and ballet (as used in musical theatre) is offering a special opportunity to dancers from the UK to study dance American-style in a four-year program leading to a bachelor degree. This program is for young dancers ages 18-20 who have not previously attended a university or other higher education institution. Four positions are available for qualified UK dancers to begin in August each year.

Dance majors are selected through an audition process. All dance majors enroll in a foundation curriculum including dance technique, teaching dance, choreography, dance history, arts management, production, music and general education courses.

During the second semester of their 2nd year, dancers are placed in one of three degree tracks for their 3rd and 4th years. Placement in the degree track for which a student is best matched is determined by faculty evaluation of a dancer’s skills, knowledge, and accomplishments.

  • Musical Theatre Dance Performance (Bachelor of Performing Arts in Dance)
  • Dance Management (Bachelor of Science in Dance Management)
  • American Dance Teacher (Bachelor of Science in Dance Pedagogy)

Declared “... the best preparatory dance program in the nation” by K.C. Patrick, former Editor-in-Chief of DanceMagazine, Oklahoma City University’s Ann Lacy School of American Dance and Entertainment prepares dancers and arts managers for careers in the global entertainment industry and dance teachers for teaching in dance academies and commercial dance studios.

Oklahoma City University is among the top three universities in tap. Onstage rated OKCU second best dance college in the nation for 2016-2017. Zoomtens declared OKCU among the ten best dance colleges in the United States. OKCU has been recognized as among the top three universities in musical theatre dance, and Backstage has included OKCU's Ann Lacy School of American Dance and Entertainment on its list of best conservatories for dance in higher education in the United States.

Determining Eligibility Requirements to Audition

Step 1: Application Information

Visit our Application Information for International Students page to determine if you meet the requirements for admission to the university. If so, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: ACT and SAT

The Ann Lacy School of American Dance and Entertainment requires qualifying ACT or SAT college admission composite test scores. Please note that this audition qualifying score is not a University admission requirement for international students – it is a dance audition qualifying requirement.

To be eligible to audition, a dancer must achieve a minimum composite ACT score of 20 (not including the writing component) or a minimum composite SAT score of 1030. If you have a qualifying score, you may proceed to the next step.

ACT Main Page

ACT International Test Centers

ACT Test Dates Outside the US

SAT Main Page

SAT International Dates, Registration, and Deadlines

Step 3: Audition Video

You will need to make an audition video using .avi, .mp2, .mp4 or .mov file format.

Video auditions will be used for determining admissibility as a dance major and for class technique levels for enrollment purposes.

Video auditions should show only the dancer who is auditioning and should not be taken in a performance with other dancers or performers.

Auditioning dancers will be evaluated on personality and body proportions in addition to technique. Please make sure that these factors are visible. Do not wear black, dark blue, dark green or white leotards and tights. Do not wear glossy tights. A solid color leotard and tights in moderate tone are preferred. Do not wear skirts or cover-ups—we need to see you from the tips of your toes to the top of your head!

Personal Presentation

With camera zoomed in so that face and upper chest are in the picture, introduce yourself, and talk several minutes about yourself and your interests and goals in both the short and long term. Think of this as a way of letting us know a little about who you are and what you want for your life in dance and entertainment.

Your video should show the following steps in ballet, tap, and jazz:


  • Adage placement combination showing balance and extension
  • Pirouettes
  • A line of turns of the dancer's choice, i.e. chaines
  • Small jumps
  • Large jumps
  • Jumps with beats, if possible


  • Inside and outside jazz turns
  • A battement & jump combination using different levels, i.e. jumps in the air with floor work in between
  • A short dance combination showing dynamics, energy, stamina, and the ability to hit poses


  • A series of basic rhythm steps, i.e. flaps, shuffles, cramprolls, drawbacks, Irish
  • Time step and a time step break
  • Simple to complex riffs
  • Pullbacks or pick-ups; wings
  • A turn series, i.e. Irish, flap ball change, maxi-fords, cramprolls

Step 4: Performance

Present short performance (about 1 or 2 minutes long) in the style or styles of your choice. Remember we are a "show business" oriented program, so show lots of personality and pizzazz!

Step 5: Video Submission Form

Include your completed video audition form with your audition video submission. Contact Danielle Shipley at for information about accessing the video audition form.

Step 6: Send Your Audition

Send us your audition and audition form using Dropbox. Contact Danielle for our Dropbox link. Explanations for why an auditioner may not have been accepted will not be given.

Estimated Cost

For Undergraduate International Dance Majors 2018-19

First Semester Cost

Second Semester Cost

1st Academic Year Cost

Block Tuition (12-16 credit hours $13,638) + 1 hour over the block rate ($925/hr) for 17 hours/semester




Room (Walker Hall Double/Triple) & Board (Meal Plan B)




General University Fee ($125/credit hour)




Applied Dance Fee ($63/credit hours x 12)




International Services fee




Comprehensive record fees (1st semester only)




New Undergraduate - first year experience fee (first semester only)




Health Insurance*




Books - estimate




Total before scholarship




UK Dance Scholarship




New Total




International students are eligible to receive university merit scholarships. Please see the details, requirements, and deadlines for these academic and talent scholarships at under the heading Freshmen University Academic Merit Scholarships.

International students are cautioned that only U.S citizens and Legal Permanent Residents are eligible for all other state and federal aid programs, including grants and loans.

*Health Insurance is based on 2017-2018 Rates and is subject to change.