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  • Due to weather, all OCU in-person and remote classes are cancelled for Thursday, Oct. 29. If conditions allow them to do so, staff are asked to work remotely. Due to mechanical and technical issues, OCU Law School in-person and remote classes are cancelled for Thursday, Oct. 29.

Video Auditions

Students who are not able to audition in person may audition for admission to the dance program by submitting a video audition via the website as described below. Prospective students who audition by video are not eligible for a dance scholarship. Video auditions are for evaluating the auditioner only for admission to the dance program.

  • Video auditions must be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or another video hosting provider. We strongly recommend setting your audition video's privacy to "Unlisted." This will keep it from showing up in searches, and only people with the direct link will be able to see it.
  • Video auditions will be used for determining admissibility as a dance major and for class technique levelings. Video auditions will not be used for scholarship determination.
  • Video auditions should show only the dancer who is auditioning and should not be taped in a performance.
  • Auditioning dancers will be judged on personality and body proportions in addition to technique. Please make sure that these factors are visible. Do not wear black, dark blue, dark green or white leotards and tights. Do not wear glossy tights. A solid color leotard and tights in moderate tone are preferred. Do not wear skirts or cover-ups -- we need to see you from the tip of your toes to the top of your head!
  • Videos should show the following steps in ballet, tap, and jazz:
    • Ballet:
      • Adage placement combination showing balance and extension
      • Pirouettes
      • A line of turns of the dancer's choice, i.e. chaines
      • Small jumps
      • Large jumps
      • Jumps with beats, if possible
    • Jazz:
      • Inside and outside jazz turns
      • A battement & jump combination using different levels, i.e. jumps in the air with floor work in between
      • A short dance combination showing dynamics, energy, stamina, and the ability to hit pose
    • Tap:
      • A series of basic rhythm steps, i.e. flaps, shuffles, cramprolls, drawbacks, irish
      • Time step and a time step break
      • Simple to complex riffs
      • Pullbacks or pick-ups; wings
      • A turn series, i.e. irish, flap ball change, maxi-fords, cramprolls
  • Personal Presentation: With camera zoomed in so that face and upper chest are in the picture, introduce yourself, and talk several minutes about yourself and your interests and goals in both the short and long term.
  • Performance: Present a minute performance in the style or styles of your choice. Remember we are a "show business" oriented program, so show lots of personality and pizzazz!
  • Explanations for why an auditioner was not accepted will not be given in writing or by phone.

Students wishing to be considered for a Tuition Scholarship must audition in person at the annual Admission and Scholarship Auditions held on campus each spring and fall. We prefer for students to audition at the annual Admission and Scholarship Auditions, if possible. All other things being equal, preference will be given to those who audition in person.

Eligibility Requirements

UPDATED To be eligible to register for the dance program auditions or video submissions, auditioners (domestic or international) must have at least one of the following:

  • ACT score of 20 or above
  • SAT score of 1030 or above

Transfer students

  • Transfer students are required to submit college transcripts to be evaluated to be eligible to audition.
  • Transfer students with less than 27 completed semester credit hours of academic courses must have qualifying ACT or SAT scores as described above for entering freshmen and a cumulative GPA of 2.75.
  • Transfer students with over 26 completed semester credit hours of academic courses must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  • Transcripts may be sent prior to registering for the audition or immediately after registering.
  • Transcripts do not have to be official copies.
  • Official or unofficial transcripts can be submitted to Patti Biera via email (, fax (405-208-5313) or mail (Oklahoma City University Dance, Attn: Patti Biera, 2501 N. Blackwelder, Oklahoma City, OK 73106).
  • If you have questions about submitting transcripts, please contact Patti at or 405-208-5644.