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Student Awards Banquet

May 3, 2002 marked the beginning of a growing tradition in the Ann Lacy School of American Dance and Arts Management, "A Tribute to the Stars" awards banquet. This "red carpet" event, produced by the Students of Arts Management, recognizes students from the Dance Performance, Dance Management, Entertainment Business and American Dance Teacher degree programs. Graduating Seniors are honored for their academic and outstanding achievement at OCU. 

Golden Moment Awards are presented to students caught in situations never to be forgotten. Cobalt Award recipients are students selected by the faculty because of their outstanding performance throughout the academic year. The People's Choice Awards recipients, selected by student vote, are presented to those who outdo others in categories such as “Most Entertaining Character Dancer” or “Best Look for Broadway”. 

2013  Tribute to the Stars Banquet: Great Gatsby!

Award Recipients 

Oklahoma City University Leadership Award

Layne Kunce and Alicia Newcom

Blue Key National Honor Fraternity

Mallory Davis, Gabriela Husted, and Jeanette Sealey

Phi Eta Sigma

Mallroy Davis, Hannah Killebrew, Devon O'Fallon, Amanda Phillip, Rachel Pianalto, and Elizabeth Rescinito

Phi Kappa Phi

Mallory Davis, Taylor Duncan, Hannah Killebrew, Victoria Renard, Lillian Lewis, and Alicia Newcom

Order of Omega

Robyn Bonin, Taylor Duncan, Gabriela Husted, Lilian Lewis, Katy McDonald, and Jeanette Sealey

Best of the Best Arts Management Achievement Awards

  • Entertainment Technology – Kate Parker
  • Stage Management – Taylor Duncan
  • Touring Performing Arts – Alissa Brand
  • Dance Studio Management – MGMT - Taylor Duncan
  • Dance Studio Management - ADT - Rachel Pianlto
  • Non-Profit Arts Management – Taylor Duncan
  • Development and Fundraising – Taylor Duncan
  • Presenting and Sponsoring Performances – Devon O'Fallon
  • Entertainment Business I - Kayla Bennett

Outstanding Student Staff

Mary Francis Roebuck

Outstanding Ticket Office Employee

Stephanie Brooke Reid

Outstanding School Volunteer

Mike Manning and Alissa Brand

Outstanding Studio Stage Crew Member

Sarah Rose Wesley

Heart and Soul Award

          Rachel Wrobel

Most Promising Entertainment Business

  • Freshman – Mackenzie Kelly
  • Sophomore – Kristen Ranna
  • Junior – Vishu Patel

Most Promising Dance Management

  • Freshman – Jennifer Kinneberg
  • Sophomore – Victoria Renard
  • Junior – Stephanie Brooke Reid

Most Promising American Dance Teacher

  • Freshman – Lucy Jennings
  • Sophomore – Rachel Pitts
  • Junior – Kymberly Peters

Most Promising Dance Performance

  • Freshman – Jordan Beall
  • Sophomore – Elise Mestichelli
  • Junior – Ben Rivera

Class with Class

Junior Class

A-CY Awards

The American Spirit Dance Company

Outstanding Graduating Seniors

  • Entertainment Business – Elizabeth Rescinito
  • Dance Management – Kelsey Bassett
  • American Dance Teacher – Devon O'Fallon
  • Dance Performance – Alicia Newcom

Select People’s Choice Awards

  • Upperclassmen with a helping hand – 
  • Best Look for Broadway - 
  • Best Look for MTV - 
  • Best Time Management Skills - 
  • Arts Management Student Most Likely to be an Entrepreneur - 
  • Best Future Networking Connection - 
  • Crew Congeniality Award – 
  • Puts Man in Management – 
  • Best Headshots - 
  • Best Choreographers Assistant - 
  • Most Entertaining Character Dancer - 
Living Treasure Awards

Over the years, the Ann Lacy School of American Dance and Arts Management has honored individuals who have contributed significantly to American dance and dance education through its Living Treasure in American Dance awards. Inspired by the Chinese tradition of honoring leading artists while they are still living, a number of living legends have traveled to the OCU campus to receive this special recognition.

Living Treasure Honorees

1989 - Tommy Sutton
1990 - Honi Coles
1991 - Al Gilbert
1992 - Gus Giordano
1993 - Buster Brown
1994 - Maceo Anderson
1995 - Peg Leg Bates
1998 - Jimmy Slyde
1998 - Dianne Walker
1999 - Cholly Atkins
2000 - Leonard Reed
2001 - Marion Coles & the Silver Bells:

  • Elanie Ellis
  • Cleo Hayes
  • Fay Ray
  • Bertye Lou Wood
  • Geraldine Rhodes-Kenney

2002 - Bunny Briggs
2002 - Jeni LeGon
2002 - Fayard Nicholas
2002 - Prince Spencer
2004 - Ernest "Brownie" Brown
2005 - Arthur Duncan
2007 - Deborah Mitchell

2011 - Debbi Dee

Other Honorary Awards

Lifetime Achievement in Dance Education Award Recipient:

Melba Huber (1993)

Arts Management Enterprise Award Recipients:

Art & Nancy Stone (2002)

Preservation of Our Heritage

1999 marked the inaugural presentation of the Preservation of our Heritage-American Dance Award. Oklahoma City University's Ann Lacy School of American Dance and Arts Management continues the recognition of those who have nurtured and supported American dance through their advocacy. Without these writers, historians, and champions, the world would be less aware of the uniquely American dance forms and the artists who created, developed, and evolved them. It is through the diligence and dedication of these committed supporters that American dance remains in the hearts and minds of the American public and the world.

Preservation of our Heritage Honorees

  • 1999 - Melba Huber
  • 1999 - Sali Ann Kriegsman
  • 2000 - Robert L. Reed
  • 2000 - Jacqui Malone
  • 2001 - Al Heyward
  • 2001 - Carl Schlesinger
  • 2002 - Art & Nancy Stone
  • 2003 - K.C. Patrick
  • 2006 - Patricia Goulding
  • 2008 - Lee Allen Smith
  • 2008 - Blake Wade
  • 2009 - Avi Miller
  • 2009 - Ofer Ben
  • 2009 - Germain Salsbeg
Honorary Doctorates

Oklahoma City University's School of American Dance and Arts Management presents Honorary Doctor of Performing Arts in American Dance degrees to American dancers who have contributed significantly to the creation, development, preservation, and promotion of the American art form of tap.

"It does not surprise me that Oklahoma City University would lead the way in honoring these great performers," said national tap dance columnist Melba Huber. "Oklahoma City University, with the guidance of John Bedford and Jo Rowan, has become the premiere dance school in the world because of its recognition of the American art forms tap and jazz."

Honorary Doctorate Recipients

  • 1998 - David Howard
  • 2000 - Donald O'Connor
  • 2002 - Cholly Atkins
  • 2002 - Bunny Briggs
  • 2002 - Buster Brown
  • 2002 - Jeni LeGon
  • 2002 - Henry LeTang
  • 2002 - Fayard Nicholas
  • 2002 - Leonard Reed
  • 2002 - Jimmy Slyde
  • 2002 - Prince Spencer
  • 2008 - Arthur Duncan