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Upcoming Events

2022-2023 Upcoming Events

OCU Dance 2022-2023 Downloadable Dates

July 2022

6th–16th: Broadway Bound Summer Dance Camp (On Campus). Register here:

September 2022

16th: Dancing with the Stars Day

17th: High School Workshop - On Campus and Virtual Options! Registration opens July 1, 2022

October 2022

16th: Deadline to register for October Advantage Audition. Registration opens July 1, 2022.

28th: Dancing with the Stars Day (required for those auditioning in October)

29th: October Advantage Audition

Interested in touring the Dance and Entertainment department? Email today!

The Ann Lacy School of American Dance and Entertainment offers video auditions throughout the year. If you need a video audition, or if all audition dates for you incoming year have passed, please email Danielle Shipley at

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