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Dr. Ally Zhou

Dr. Ally Zhou

Dr. Ally Zhou,
Professor and Director of TESOL


Degrees: Ph.D., University of Toronto

Areas of Expertise
L2 writing, English for academic purposes, genre analysis, grammar teaching, and qualitative research methods 

Selected Publications

Zhou, A. & Hu, X. (2017). Tutoring second language learners within their zone of proximal development: Recommendations for changes in university writing center pedagogy. In J. B. Cummings & M. L. Blatherwick (Eds.), Creative dimensions of teaching and learning in the 21st century (pp. 287-294). Rotterdam, Netherlands: Sense Publishers.(

Hu, X., & Zhou, A. (2016). [Review of the book How languages are learned.] Chinese Language Globalization Studies, 1(8), 188-192. 

Zhou, A., Busch, M., & Cumming, A. (2014). Do adult ESL learners’ and their teachers’ goals for improving grammar in writing correspond? Language Awareness, 23(3), 234-254.  DOI:10.1080/09658416.2012.758127.

Zhou, A. (2009). [Review of genre and genre-based second language writing instruction.] Language Awareness, 18(2), 215-220. 

Zhou, A. (2009). What adult ESL learners say about improving grammar and vocabulary in their writing for academic purposes. Language Awareness, 18(1), 31-46. 

Zhou, A., Busch, M., Gentil, G, Eouanzoui, K., & Cumming, A. (2006). Students’ goals for ESL and university courses. In A. Cumming (Ed.), Goals for academic writing: ESL students and their instructors (pp. 29-49). Amsterdam: John Benjamins. 

Zhou, A. (2006). [Review of the book Academic discourse.] Language Awareness, 15(1), 58-61. Cumming, 

A., Baba, K., Busch, M., Cummings, J., Eouanzoui, K. Erdosy, U., Fretz, C., Gentil, G., Kim, T., Yang, L, & Zhou, A. (2004). Goals for writing improvement in a pre-university ESL program. In H. McGarrell  & R. Courchene (Eds.), Special research symposium issue of TESL Ontario's Contact, 30(2), 23-28. 

Zhou, A. (2003). What are the major sources of variability in writing in second languages? TESL Ontario Contact, 29(1), 9-11. 

Cumming, A., Busch, M., & Zhou, A. (2002). Investigating learners’ goals in the context of adult second-language writing. In G. Rijlaarsdam (Series  Ed.) & S. Ransdell & M. Barbier (Vol. Eds.), Studies in writing: Vol. 11. New directions for research in L2 writing (pp. 189-208). Dordrecht, Netherlands: Kluwer. 

Professional Services

Content Advisory Board of the Certification Examinations for Oklahoma Educators (CEOE) Item Review Committee, Oklahoma Subject Area Test (OSAT) in English as a Second Language (2015-2017)

Reviewer for the Commission on English Language Accreditation (CEA; 2017-present)

U.S. Student Fulbright National Screening Committee (2009-2011; 2013-2014)

Conference proposal reviewer for the TESOL International Convention & English Language Expo (2013-2017)

Associate Editor for the journal American Review of China Studies (2010-2014)

Manuscript reviewer for Language Awareness (2010-present)

Manuscript reviewer for International Journal of English Studies (2014)

Higher Education/Applied Linguistics Chair, OKTESOL (2008-2012)

Book proposal reviewer for Routledge (2010)

Contact Information

Walker Center
Oklahoma City, OK 73106