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Evelyn Wasson

Evelyn Wasson

Evelyn Wasson,
Company Manager/Production Stage Manager
School of Dance & Entertainment


Evelyn Wasson is a recent graduate of Oklahoma City University with a Bachelor of Science in Dance Management and is currently pursuing an MBA at OCU. During her time as a student in the dance department, she worked as a production assistant, assistant stage manager, head deck crew member, wardrobe crew member and assistant moving lightboard operator. In addition to her management experience, she has performed with the American Spirit Dance Company, Pep Dancers and the Spirit of Grace Liturgical Dancers. Upon completion of her degree, Evelyn moved to San Antonio to be a stage manager at SeaWorld San Antonio before returning to Oklahoma City to work at her alma mater. She was the coordinator for the dance department for a year before moving into the Company/Production Stage Manager position.

Contact Information

GC 223
Gaylord Center
Oklahoma City, OK 73106