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Dr. Regina McManigell Grijalva

Dr. Regina McManigell Grijalva

Dr. Regina McManigell Grijalva,
Assoc. Prof. of English and Director of Composition, Eleanor Lou Carrithers Endowed Chair of Writing



Composition, Rhetorics of Conspiracy Theories, Mexican American and Native American Rhetorics and Literature

Research and Interests

I became a scholar in English Rhetoric, Composition and Linguistics because I was fascinated with the ways people use language to (re)shape their identities and with the ways higher education can empower people.

OCU students share a common trait in their passion for servant-leadership or their openness to it, which makes them especially wonderful to teach. Also, most OCU students appreciate, respect and enjoy learning about diversity, such as multiple gender identities, multiculturalism, or religious pluralism, and such openness to differences fascinates and inspires me as a teacher.

My research interests focus on rhetoric/composition, post-modernism and race/ethnicity and their relationships to the development of assessment practices, cultural competence, composition pedagogy, and communication in various modes of interaction. I have published my dissertation research on the rhetoric of student evaluations of teaching, Teaching and Learning and Their Evaluation Made Visible. I have also published research in The Journal of the Council of Writing Program Administrators, Academic Exchange Quarterly, Thirdspace: A Journal of Feminist Theory and Culture, Computers and Composition Online, Basic Writing e-Journal, and The Urban Review: Issues and Ideas in Public Education. My study with the Elon University “Question of Transfer,” examines writing at the critical transition of high school to college, and is part of an edited collection of transfer studies published by Utah State University Press. Additionally, Sarah d'Angelo (Brown University Theatre) and I have published the second edition of our edited collection, The Native American New Play Festival: A Celebration of Four Years Anthology, published by NoPassport Press.

Of Note

I am a strong advocate for our multicultural and international students, and the honors program.

Contact Information

Walker Center
Oklahoma City, OK 73106