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Katy Kinard

Katy Kinard

Katy Kinard,
Adjunct Instructor of Music Theory
Music Theory
Music Staff
School of Music


Katy Kinard earned a BM and MM in Music Theory from the University of North Texas where she studied with Dr. Frank Heidelberger and Dr. Paul Dvorak. Her main area of study is temporal structures in ancient music, specifically in regard to simple whole number ratios and the golden mean. She studied French Horn Performance with Dr. William Scharnberg and Dr. Kate Pritchett as an undergraduate.

Katy is passionate about music fundamentals and enjoys facilitating the foundational music education of performers, first and foremost. She works to facilitate a deep and functional understanding of complex musical relationships in her students and help them achieve their musical goals.

Contact Information

Rooms A 301 and FA 315
Bass Center
Oklahoma City, OK 73106