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Dr. Laurie Kauffman

Dr. Laurie Kauffman

Dr. Laurie Kauffman ,
Associate Professor of Biology (2011)


I received my PhD in Biological Anthropology from the University of Florida and am currently an Assistant Professor of Biology at Oklahoma City University.

My research interests are in biological anthropology with an emphasis on primate social behavior and conservation. I am interested in interactions between humans and primates, primate behavioral flexibility, and the conservation implications of these topics.

My dissertation research focused on measuring the impacts of tourism on the eight primate species at Raleighvallen Nature Reserve, Suriname. I have also done field research in Costa Rica.

I have taught classes on a wide range of topics including primate behavioral ecology, ecotourism, human anatomy and physiology, animal behavior, zoology, cultural anthropology and neurobiology.

For more information, please visit my website!

Contact Information

Sarkeys Science & Math Center
Oklahoma City, OK 73106