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Sue Ann Arnall

Sue Ann Arnall

Sue Ann Arnall,
Executive in Residence
School of Business
Energy Management



J.D., University of Tulsa
B.A. in Economics, University of Tulsa

Areas of Expertise

Sue Ann Arnall began her career in the oil industry while in high school. She worked as a landman for a lease broker, researching county records for title. Later, after graduation from law school, she worked for Unit Drilling and Exploration Company, and created and managed its first Natural Gas and Oil Marketing Department. Ms. Arnall also has created and managed natural gas and oil marketing departments for Continental Resources, Inc., where she worked for 17 years. During her work for Continental Resources, she created numerous marketing and transportation opportunities for both oil and gas production, building hundreds of miles of pipeline, rail terminals for transporting crude oil by rail, and exchange agreements with all of the major pipelines and refineries in the U.S. She also managed the hedging and futures trading for the company.

While working in the energy industry, Ms. Arnall was active in trade associations, serving on both the board for OIPA, as crude oil committee chair, and the OERB, as treasurer. She helped lead the royalty in kind movement that resulted in the federal government marketing a large portion of its own oil and gas. She was a founding member of Save Domestic Oil, a national organization formed to curb trade violations by foreign national oil companies.

Professional Activities

Her personal interests include improving animal welfare in Oklahoma, and she was instrumental in passing Oklahoma legislation to regulate puppy mills. She is a member of the Central OK Humane Society and on the steering committee to form a horse rescue program in Oklahoma.

Contact Information

Meinders School of Business
Oklahoma City, OK 73106