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Anthony Stancampiano, Ph.D.

Anthony Stancampiano, Ph.D.

Anthony Stancampiano, Ph.D.,
Physician Assistant


Dr. Stancampiano received his Ph.D. in Zoology from the University of Oklahoma in 1999. He joined the OCU faculty in 2011.

Currently Teaching

Human Anatomy and Physiology; Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy; Biology Capstone.

Research Interest:

Natural History of Mammals and Birds; Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy

Selected Publications:

Stancampiano, A. J., and G. D. Schnell. 2004. Microhabitat affinities of small mammals in Southwestern Oklahoma. Journal of Mammalogy, 85(5): 948-958.

Stancampiano, A. J., and W. Caire. 1995. Food habits of Peromyscus andReithrodontomys in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. Proceedings of the Oklahoma Academy of Science, 75:45-49.

Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae

Contact Information

Sarkeys Science & Math Center
Oklahoma City, OK 73106