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Course Name or TermCredit Hours

Summer Year I

Clinical Anatomy5
Health Promotion Across the Lifespan3
Leadership I: Foundations of Leadership Development3
Research I: Research Methods3
Service Learning I1

Fall Year I

Applied Anatomy and Physiology5
Pharmacology & Systems Pathophysiology3
Clinical Examination & Interventions I3
Foundational Musculoskeletal Sciences3
Research II: Evidence-Based Practice


Clinical Experience – Part Time I1

Spring Year I

Gait & Motor Learning3
Management of & Intervention for Individuals with Neuromuscular Conditions I5
Clinical Examination and Intervention II4
Management of Individuals with Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Conditions3
Psychosocial Considerations in Clinical Reasoning2
Service-Learning II1
Differential Diagnosis1

Summer Year II

Management & Interventions - Individuals with Musculoskeletal Conditions I6
Management of the Individuals with Integumentary Conditions3
Geriatric Considerations in Clinical Reasoning3
Assistive Technology/Orthotics and Prosthetics2
Research III: Critical Inquiry and Appraisal2
Clinical Experience – Part Time II1

Fall Year II

Management & Interventions - Individuals with Musculoskeletal Conditions II6
Pediatric Considerations in Clinical Reasoning4
Management of & Interventions for Individuals with Neuromuscular Conditions II5
Leadership Development II: Health Policy3
Research IV: Research Intensive2
Service Learning III


Spring Year II

Clinical Experience – Full Time I12
Leadership Development III: Management2
Interprofessional Seminar1

Summer Year III

Clinical Experience – Full Time II12
Research V: Knowledge Translation1

Fall Year III

Clinical Experience – Full Time III12
Leadership Development IV: Lifelong Leadership2