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PIVOT | Women in Leadership 2019

The Women in Leadership Conference is a one-day professional and personal development event that provides a unique blend of interactive learning with actionable tips, access to high-level networking and transformational talks from global female and male business leaders.

This year’s theme is about those pivotal moments in life. A Pivot can result from a disruptive event or positive life change such as birth of a child, graduation, death of a loved one, job loss or divorce. It can also come from a restless awareness that it is time for a change and be an inspired and committed decision to move in a different direction.

A strategic pivot process generates an opportunity for discovery, learning and growth. It’s about developing the skills and tools to navigate your next with confidence and aligned with your path and purpose. Learn from expert industry voices to effectively lead through change.

Learn more about the event and join us for an experience in personal and professional growth uniquely designed for you.