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"The Things They Carried" book discussion - Let’s Talk About It, Oklahoma!

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“The Things They Carried” 

by Tim O’Brien 

7 p.m. Jan. 23 

Book discussion in Walker Center room 151

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First published in 1990, “The Things They Carried” has become one of the most celebrated works of literature about the Vietnam experience. A series of connected short stories with characters based on O’Brien’s own platoon from Vietnam, the stories are rich with symbolism and explorations of the psyches of American combat soldiers before, during and after the war. These stories leave readers pondering the deep questions they pose, such as how courage is defined, why war makes some people feel more alive, and what is the truth buried within fictional war stories.

Copies of books are available to borrow free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis in Dulaney-Browne Library room 211 or 207 before Dec. 22 or after Jan. 2. 

Those who are interested in participating are encouraged to contact the campus series director Tracy Floreani by calling her at 405-208-5707 or e-mailing her at