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Film Institute

Announcing the theme for our 40th Annual International Film Institute:

Viewer's Choice

The OCU Film Institute turns 40 this year! We are proud to have provided international and arthouse films free to the community since long before many options were available to see such films on the big screen in Oklahoma City, and we thank series founder Harbour Winn for creating it. To celebrate our anniversary, we decided to make the theme for the year “Viewers’ Choice” and solicited nominations from our audiences over the course of the previous year. Thanks to all of you who sent in nominations! The films on this year’s schedule represent crowd favorites of great filmmaking from different eras, cultures, and a variety of styles—some we haven’t shown in decades, others that have never made it to screens in our area, and still others that fit the needs of our campus curricula. Enjoy!

Our regular monthly “Second Sundays” series of free film screenings will resume at OCU’s Norick Art Center Studio, 1601 NW 26th Street

First up, Almodóvar!

Sept. 12, 2:00 PM
Volver Pedro Almodóvar, Spain (2006) 121 min.

In his trademark style, Almodóvar offers an engaging story about the complicated lives of an eccentric family of women. Working class sisters Raimunda and Sole have moved to Madrid since losing their parents in a house fire, but when an old neighbor from their home village reports that she’s seen their mother’s ghost, they return (volver) to work through their own marital and criminal crises—and uncover many family secrets along the way. A vividly colorful, enchanting, melodramatic, tragi-quirky tale that explores the strength of family ties and pokes at the boundaries of reality and ethics. In Spanish with English subtitles.

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