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Celebrating our 40th year

The OCU Film Institute is turning 40! To celebrate, we conducted an audience survey to see what movies YOU wanted to resurrect on the big screen!

Welcome to our 2021-2022 Second Sunday Film Series: Viewer's Choice!

Our regular monthly “Second Sundays” series of free film screenings will resume on campus at OCU’s Norick Art Center Studio, 1601 NW 26th Street—look for the yellow "ART" logo on the door facing the parking lot.

Sept. 12, 2:00 PM • Volver • Pedro Almodóvar, Spain (2006)

Oct. 10, 2:00 PM • We Are Little Zombies Makoto Nagahisa, Japan (2019)

Nov. 14, 2:00 • Toni • Jean Renoir, France (1935)

Dec. 12, 2:00 PM • Утомленные солнцем / Burnt By The Sun – Nikita Mikhalov, Russia (1994)

Upcoming Screenings

CANCELLED • Dick Johnson Is Dead – Kirsten Johnson, USA (2020), 90 min.

Award-winning documentarian Kirsten Johnson (Cameraperson, 2016) can’t bear the thought of her father’s mortality. Setting aside her normally poignant approach to documentaries that have captured the human costs of war and political dissent, she takes on a quirky new project with her dad: they will stage and film various fake deaths for him so that they can come to terms with the possibilities of his end on earth. The result is a creative, darkly comic, warm celebration of life and an exploration of our complicated relationship to mortality. Letting us into her heart and her family, Johnson reminds viewers of all ages to laugh, to celebrate, and to hold tight to their loved ones while also accepting that they’ll have to let go some day.

February 13, 2:00 PM • Der Himmel über Berlin / Wings of Desire – Wim Wenders, Germany (1987), 130 min.

Cassiel and Damiel are angels assigned to the still-walled city of Berlin. From high atop its architecture they listen in on the thoughts of the city’s loneliest residents and offer assistance when they can. When Damiel falls in love with a lonely trapeze artist, he is faced with the possibility of giving up his status as an angel to adopt a mortal body and experience the joys and messy complications of human experience. With a charming role by Peter Falk as a former angel who has made that very decision, the story explores the pros and cons of mortality vs. immortality and the ability of individuals to affect one anothers’ lives. Essences of fairy tale and a Frank Capra classic provide the dreamy tone to this film, with its visuals of lush black & white, glimpses of warm color, and incantatory dialogue that reclaims the poetic rhythms of the German language. Featuring the music of Australian bands Crime and The City Solution and Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. In German and English with English subtitles.

March 13, 2:00 PM • ll Conformista / The Conformist – Bernardo Bertolucci, Italy (1970), 107 min.

A powerful psychological drama and political thriller, The Conformist was one of the first in the wake of the 1968 cultural revolution to take on Europe’s fascist past. Centered on the early life and current mission of Marcello, a member of the fascist secret police, the story is told through a series of flash backs and forwards that pose a not-unproblematic thesis on how one’s life experiences and personal dispositions might cause him to adopt a fascistic outlook. When Marcello is assigned to assassinate an outspoken political critic who also happens to be his former professor, Marcello’s own past traumas come to bear, and he becomes entangled with his target’s wife. The film’s beautiful art deco sets and costuming play contrast to the ugliness of the psychological interiors that push people to forsake morality in order to fit in and allow them to adopt “the banality of evil.” In Italian with English subtitles.

April 10, 2:00 PM • Chan Is Missing – Wayne Wang, USA (1982), 80 min.

Hong Kong-born Wayne Wang (The Joy Luck Club, 1993; Smoke, 1995) was a significant influence on both American independent film and American ethnic filmmaking. His first feature-length film, Chan Is Missing embodies his philosophy of anti-Hollywood risk-taking and experimentation. Playfully taking on the genre of the San Francisco mystery story and the “Charlie Chan and Number One Son” film sleuth stereotypes, the story follows two cabdrivers as they wander around San Francisco’s Chinatown looking for their missing friend Chan, who has disappeared with money of theirs he was supposed to invest. Jo and Steve slowly learn that their friend Chan is a different person to everyone who knows him. Largely improvised by actors with whom Wang had collaborated in the Bay Area’s Asian American theater scene, the film embodies the director’s determination to defy stereotypes and “let Chinatown represent itself.” Don’t miss this chance to see a hard-to-find indie classic on the big screen!