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Let's Talk About It, Oklahoma!

Decades in the making, our series, Let's Talk About It, Oklahoma!, remains one of our most popular events. Every semester, a new theme is selected for this Oklahoma Humanities-sponsored book club series. Books are free to borrow from the program and anyone may participate. Join us for illuminating presentations and community-building through group discussions. Delve into topics from civil rights, to history, to mystery—and beyond!

a room full of "Let's Talk about it" participants holds their books in the air

Explore our past seasons:

Year Theme
Spring 2020 Working to Survive, Surviving to Work
Fall 2019 Coming and Going in Oklahoma Indian Country
Spring 2019 Wade in the Water
Fall 2018 Living with Limits
Spring 2018 War, Not War, and Peace: A Pulitzer Prize Centennial Series
Fall 2017 The American Frontier: A Pulitzer Prize Centennial Series
Spring 2017 Young Adult Crossover Fiction: Crumbling Borders between Adolescents and Adults
Fall 2016 Civil Rights and Equality: A Pulitzer Prize Centennial Series
Spring 2016 Play Ball
Fall 2015 Hope Amidst Hardship
Spring 2015 The Dynamics of Dysfunction: To Laugh or Cry or Both
Fall 2014 Oklahoma Private Investigations
Spring 2014 Muslim Journeys: American Stories
Fall 2013 Making Sense of the American Civil War
Spring 2013 Myth and Literature
Fall 2012 Native American Writers of the Plains
Spring 2012 The Oklahoma Experience: From Wilderness to Metropolis
Fall 2011 Much Depends on Dinner: What We Eat and What It Says About Us
Spring 2011 What America Reads: Myth Making in Popular Fiction
Fall 2010 Rebirth of a Nation: Nationalism and the Civil War
Spring 2010 Journey Stories
Fall 2009 The Worst Hard Time Revisited: Oklahoma in the Dust Bowl Years
Spring 2009 Do You See What I See: Growing Up in the Wide World? Contemporary World Literature
Fall 2008 American Icons: The American President
Spring 2008 Mysterious Fears and Ghastly Longings
Fall 2007 Crime and Comedy: The Lighter Side of Crime and Misdemeanor
Spring 2007 The Oklahoma Experience: The Thirties
Fall 2006 Invisibility and Identity: The Search for Self in African American Fiction
Spring 2006 The Journey Inward: Women's Autobiography
Fall 2005 Piecing the Quilt, Stirring the Stew: Ethnic American Women’s Voices
Spring 2005 The Oklahoma Experience: Re-Vison–Reading and Discussing
Fall 2004 Vietnam
Spring 2004 Crime and Punishment
Fall 2003 The American Renaissance
Spring 2003 Friendship in Literature: Reading and Discussing
Fall 2002 The Gilded Age: The Emergence of Modern America
Spring 2002 Private Investigations: Hard-Boiled and Soft-Hearted Heroes
Fall 2001 Liberty and Violence: The Heritage of the French Revolution
Spring 2001 Many Trails, Many Tribes: Images of American Indians in Contemporary Fiction
Fall 2000 Individual Rights and Community in America
Spring 2000 Making a Living, Making a Life: Work and Its Rewards in a Changing America
Fall 1999 The Unknown Americans: Contemporary Latin American Literature
Spring 1999 Generation to Generation: Contemporary Young Adult Fiction
Fall 1998 Being Ethnic, Becoming American: Struggles, Successes, Symbols
Spring 1998 Writing Worlds: The Art of Seeing In Antrhopology, Fiction, and Autobiography