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We are proud to announce our theme for "Let’s Talk About It" Fall 2021:

“Travel: New Ways of Seeing”

About This Theme

The human impulse for travel perhaps evokes the nomadic origins of human society. People would leave the compound to explore the world in a ritual for acquisition of knowledge and for survival. This desire to roam, however, can generate tension between the possible stability of home and the lure for the unknown as a vital tension for change and evolution. These fundamental elements in travel live on in many of us today, at least those who have the means to leave their daily routine and choose to travel voluntarily in pleasurable activity that can enable us to relax and return renewed. For others, though, travel is involuntary because of forced migration, war, racism, religious intolerance, political oppression, famine, and more. Such travel, fraught with danger from lack of food and shelter and resources, often leads to the horror of crowded refugee camps. Custom and tradition have also often denied women opportunities to travel. The books we read in this series will include most of these tensions even if many of us resonate with the transformative potential of travel, an unexpected kind of illumination achieved through pilgrimage, a realization about race and culture in a larger context than the parochial views of our region and our nation. These books in ways talk to each other, challenging us to reflect on our own experience of travel.

The “Travel: New Ways of Seeing” theme was developed in 2020 for Oklahoma Humanities by Dr. Harbour Winn, Professor Emeritus of English at Oklahoma City University and former Director of the Center for Interpersonal Studies through Film& Literature.

To read the full series essay visit the Oklahoma Humanities website.


Sep. 14

Dr. Karen Schiler

William Least Heat Moon, Blue Highways (1982)

Sep. 28

Dr. Harbour Winn, Prof. Emeritus of English, founder and former Director of the Center

Henry James, Daisy Miller (1878); Jamaica Kincaid, A Small Place (1988)

Oct. 12

Rob Roensch

Andrew Sean Greer,

Oct. 26

Dr. Sunu Kodumthara

Leah Franqui,
America for Beginners (2018)

Nov. 9

Dr. Tracy Floreani

Colson Whitehead,
Nickel Boys (2019)

All sessions will take place on alternating Tuesdays, beginning at 6:30 PM at Oklahoma City University, Walker Center 151, NW 26th & N. Florida.

A link for a Zoom option will be sent to those who register through book check-out or by email to

Let's Talk About It is a program of Oklahoma Humanities.

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