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Computer Science Fellows Program

The Computer Science Fellows Program is a prestigious opportunity for select, high-achieving, first-time, full-time domestic freshmen entering the B.S., Computer Science program at Oklahoma City University as a direct high school matriculate. This unique program offers an up to full-tuition scholarship opportunity for four years (eight semesters) of study at Oklahoma City University.



  • First-time, full-time, domestic freshman (direct high school matriculate).
  • FAFSA submission required.*
  • ACT score ≥ 26 (or SAT equivalent).
  • Cumulative high school GPA ≥ 3.60.
  • B.S., Computer Science majors only.
  • Four-year (8 semesters) graduation from the B.S., Computer Science program is expected.

*Students who are domestic, non-U.S. citizens and ineligible to submit a FAFSA are also encouraged to apply.