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The Meinders Fast-Track One-Year MBA

An MBA in one year 

36 Credit Hours | 1 Year, full-time | Prerequisites not required
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The Meinders 1-Year MBA program is designed for recent college graduates and career-changers. Small, cohort-based classes unite the faculty and students in a close-knit, dynamic environment. The exclusive integration of the Authentic Leadership Course includes customized leadership assessments, coaching, and development opportunities that will prepare students to begin the rigorous process of expanding their business and leadership acumen throughout the MBA program.

Acquire a Marketable Skill Set

The MBA curriculum is designed to build a framework for critical thinking and pragmatic problem solving, complemented by hands-on experiences to strengthen leadership, communication, presentation, analysis, negotiation, and collaboration, skills that employers seek from MBA graduates.

Full-Time, Fast-Track

The Meinders Fast-Track 1-Year MBA is a full-time day program enabling students to earn a highly-respected degree in only one year. Recent undergraduates can invest 1 year and benefit from a lifetime of enhanced opportunities an MBA can provide. Career-changers will build a business-focused skill set that can open doors to advancement opportunities.

The Meinders Experience

  • AACSB accredited, ranked in the top 4.5% of programs worldwide.
  • Cohort structure offers an exclusive opportunity to build a strong and supportive network of future colleagues.
  • Active learning and collaboration outside the classroom with employers and influencers in the business community.
  • Guest lecturing gives students the opportunity to learn from executives and elicit candid responses about their professional experiences.
  • Faculty with outstanding academic and business credentials maintain a contemporary, business-related focus in the classroom.
  • Attend all Meinders-sponsored events and conferences free of charge.
  • Access to premier financial and investment data at the Bloomberg Terminal.

Contact Information

Cindy Treadway, Meinders Graduate Advisor or (405) 208-5154. 

You may also request more information from graduate admissions.