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University Core Values


The university core values committee set out to give OCU a foundation for supporting our mission, shaping our institutional culture, and guiding our decision-making. We invited the university community—from students and employees to alumni and trustees—to participate in focus groups and complete a survey. We analyzed the data from 962 survey responses, identified trends, and drafted core values.

To write the core values, the committee stepped back and looked at the big picture, taking the OCU mission, vision, and strategic plan into consideration. We considered the top ideas that emerged from the focus groups and survey and noted where they were already represented in the mission, vision, and strategic plan. We differentiated between goals with action items and values that reflect OCU's aspirational culture and that could guide our decision-making and interactions. We grouped common ideas, and we considered the commentary provided by the OCU community to define each value.

Our goal was for the values to manifest the university’s identity and heart and become the driving force and foundation for OCU’s future. They should reflect what the OCU community already shares and believes, along with projecting our aspirations and identity.

Core Values

  • INTEGRITY: We hold ourselves and each other accountable to do the right thing in all circumstances.
  • RESPECT: We honor the worth of all by treating ourselves and others with dignity and kindness.
  • DIVERSITY & INCLUSION: We strive to understand and embrace our differences. We take purposeful action to foster a welcoming and supportive environment for all.
  • COLLABORATION: We intentionally pursue our common goals with a genuine spirit of community.

We also offer this visual of the values in context at OCU: