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Employee Resources

Planning and Preparations for Phased-In Return to Work

Faculty and Staff,

Oklahoma City University administrators and Emergency Operations Center staff are actively working on safety planning and preparations for a successful return to work in the office this summer between June 15 and August 3rd.

University leadership continues to guide planning within six focus areas including social distancing, education and training, illness protocols, accommodations for vulnerable populations, cleaning and sanitation protocols, and personal protective equipment supplies and policies.

All planning incorporates flexibility to enable us to quickly adjust plans as needed based on COVID-19 developments and guidance from local, state, and federal authorities.

OCU’s return-to-work plans and preparations include:

  • An at-risk outreach survey was sent to faculty and staff on Thursday for employees in high-risk groups, as defined by the CDC, to indicate if they would like workplace accommodations. Human Resources is working with employees and supervisors to implement approved accommodations. If you have not yet completed the survey and would like to request accommodations, please take the survey here.
  • Mandatory health and safety online training and education are in development and will be conducted with all employees prior to June 15.
  • COVID-19 tests are available at Family Healthcare and Minor Emergency Clinic at OCU, as well as the clinic's other locations, for members of the OCU community who experience symptoms, believe they have been exposed, or would like to test.
  • OCU is well stocked on cleaning and sanitation supplies and will continue to place orders ahead of schedule. Strict cleaning protocols are in place and will continue to be enhanced.
  • OCU’s Facilities Department is preparing buildings, inspecting HVAC systems, and installing environmental controls for increased safety.
  • Policies on the use of personal protective equipment, flexibility of attendance, on-campus events, and accommodating vulnerable populations are under development.

Return-to-work on campus will be implemented in four phases:

  • Personnel who perform time sensitive, core functions related to operations and must work on-site will return, beginning June 15.
  • Personnel who perform time sensitive, core functions who can work remotely will return, beginning June 29.
  • Personnel who do not perform mission-critical, time-sensitive functions and cannot work remotely will return beginning July 13.
  • Personnel who do not perform mission-critical, time-sensitive functions but can work remotely, if feasible, will return beginning July 13.

Employees who are required to participate in the summer furlough program may return to campus at various points of time during the phased return to work plan depending on the nature of their work and business need.