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Student Travel Request Form

Students must complete and submit the Student Travel form before traveling out of state. It is housed on OCU's Sharepoint site; you may need to log into Sharepoint using your OCU username and password to view it.

Once you've logged in, you'll find a link to the form in the left navigation.

Personal Travel Registration Process

  1. Once you have registered your travel, you will NOT be contacted by a university official or campus clinic staff.
  2. Students and employees who submit a travel registration form will receive an email with important safety information and a link to the confidential self-assessment form.
  3. Students and Employees who travel out of the local area are required to complete the confidential self-assessment form prior to physically returning to campus after their return from travel.
  4. Students and employees may only physically return to campus after travel when they receive an all-clear notification or receive approval from a university official or campus clinic staff.

Please direct any questions regarding the travel registration process to