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Student Information

Why can't we mandate vaccinations and/or masks?

Since the University’s May 2021 update, there have been further developments that may impact our ability to enforce measures that are known to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. On July 1, 2021, a new law took effect in the state of Oklahoma (SB 658). The new law restricts the ability of schools to require students to get vaccinated. The new law also restricts the ability of schools to require masks for unvaccinated students. Pending legal review of the new law and/or any changes made to it, the University may adjust its current policies accordingly in the future.

In-Person Class Attendance Guidelines

Unless otherwise noted, students are expected to attend their classes in person. There are the following four exceptions:

  • The class is not being taught in person. Reasons for this exception can be that the class was initially established as an online course, the professor has a health condition prohibiting in-person instruction, or the class was temporarily moved to remote instruction. This exception will be noted in the course syllabus or will be announced by the instructor.
  • The course instructor asks students to attend on alternate days. This exception may be established to achieve social distancing if the designated class space doesn’t have the capacity to hold all of its enrolled students at the same time. Some classes will alternate students between in-person and online attendance. Other classes may identify alternate venues to allow for social distancing.
  • The student is required to self-isolate according to OCU protocols for limiting the spread of COVID-19. In this situation, the instructor may work with the student to make up any missed class work or instruction.
  • The student qualifies for remote learning accommodations through the Office of Disability Services. Fill out the online Disability Registration Form, or contact the office at

* When the university is in the low alert level for COVID-19, requests for online learning not covered by the four exceptions stated above are not available. This is subject to change based on the alert level of the university.

Your safety is our first priority. Classes in person will require wearing the appropriate PPE and practicing the recommended social distancing.