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Student Information

In-Person Class Attendance Guidelines

Unless otherwise noted, students are expected to attend their classes in person. There are the following five exceptions:

  • The class is not being taught in person. Reasons for this exception can be that the class was initially established as an online course, the professor has a health condition prohibiting in-person instruction, or the class was temporarily moved to remote instruction. This exception will be noted in the course syllabus or will be announced by the instructor.
  • The course instructor asks students to attend on alternate days. This exception may be established to achieve social distancing if the designated class space doesn’t have the capacity to hold all of its enrolled students at the same time. Some classes will alternate students between in-person and online attendance. Other classes may identify alternate venues to allow for social distancing.
  • The student is required to self-isolate according to OCU protocols for limiting the spread of COVID-19. In this situation, the instructor may work with the student to make up any missed class work or instruction.
  • The student qualifies for remote learning accommodations through the Office of Disability Services. Fill out the online Disability Registration Form, or contact the office at
  • There is another reason the student can’t attend in person and they request an exception in advance through the online Request for Remote Study form. Administration will respond to requests as soon as possible. A limited number of classes must be taught in person due to the nature of the coursework or requirements for accreditation. If you are enrolled in one of these and you request an exception, we will notify you and your academic advisor and will ask you to consult with your academic advisor about adjusting your schedule so you can take the course when you are able to attend in person.

Your safety is our first priority. Classes in person will require wearing the appropriate PPE and practicing the recommended social distancing.

Fall 2020 Semester FAQ

What will the Fall 2020 academic schedule be?

The Fall 2020 semester will start on Aug. 17, 2020, one week earlier than planned. Adjustments to the academic schedule during the semester are under consideration. The semester end date is Nov. 25.

How will classes be adapted?

In-person classes will be limited in number based on social distancing requirements. Larger auditoriums and meeting spaces will be used for extra classroom space. In some cases, online and hybrid formats may be available. Additionally, strict sanitation policies will be in place.

Is flexible attendance in place?

Yes. Any students who are sick; experiencing a cough, fever, or other symptoms related to COVID-19 should remain at home. Alternate arrangements will be made for missed classes. These are the CDC current list of symptoms.

  • Fever or chills
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Headache
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Sore throat
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhea

What if I’m considered high-risk?

Fill out the Request for Remote Study.

How will move-in work?

The move-in process will be extended and students will have the option to drop off items one week before move-in. Students will be able to sign up for scheduled time slots and OCU staff will check in students at their car, in line. RAs will also be on each floor making sure spaces are open. All paperwork, keys, and items will be placed in the students’ rooms ahead of time.

What will campus dining be like?

Seating in The Caf will be spaced out to implement social distancing, with extra Caf seating available in the Great Hall. Students will swipe their own cards. All self-service options are suspended and food lines will be clearly marked and spaced out. Dining staff will service all food items or items will be prepackaged. Disposable dishware and flatware will be used.

Dining staff will be required to wear PPE, including masks, and will temperature test before reporting to work. The Caf will be cleaned at least every 30 minutes.

The Caf will only be open to students and assigned time slots may be implemented.

The Market will be open for limited occupancy based on social distancing standards. It will feature an expanded to-go selection and card readers will be available for touchless purchasing. Staff will wear PPE, temperature test before reporting to work and will work behind partitions.

Chick-fil-A will have clearly marked lines and routes and occupancy will be limited to implement social distancing. Card readers will be available for touchless purchasing. The area will be cleaned at least every 30 minutes.

What is the cleaning protocol on campus?

OCU has implemented enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols. The cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, drinking fountains, grab bars, hand railings, and bathroom stalls has been increased.

OCU will provide supplies and training for students, faculty, and staff to keep their personal work spaces clean. Students, faculty, and staff will be encouraged to wipe down shared desks, workspaces, lab equipment, and other shared objects before and after use with the provided cleaning supplies. Students are expected to provide their own cleaning supplies for their living spaces. Shared common areas will have cleaning supplies available.

Are masks required?

Masks are strongly encouraged on campus. They will be required in areas where social distancing is difficult.

Is testing available?

Oklahoma has open testing for Covid-19. The Covid-19 PCR test is covered by insurance for anyone who is tested, at this time. The campus clinic is able to test for Covid-19 as well as the state and county health departments. Results are available approximately 24 hours after testing. Antibody testing is not recommended at this time.

All positive test results will be sent to the Oklahoma State Health Department for contact tracing. The Campus Clinic will work in conjunction with the Department of Health to rapidly identify contact tracing to help mitigate exposure.

How will Stars Week work?

The Office of Student Engagement and the New Student Orientation Leaders are actively planning an exciting week of events to welcome all of our new Stars to campus in August. During the course of the week, new students will be placed in small peer groups consisting of ten students or less. These small groups, called Stars Groups, will introduce new students to OCU’s values through a series of fun and engaging activities. Fraternity and sorority formal recruitment is also scheduled to take place during Stars Week.

Stars Week events will be modified so that no events consist of more than 50 people on or off campus. All food and beverages served during Stars Week will be prepared by Campus Catering.

How can I schedule a Financial Aid or Student Accounts meeting?

Meetings are available via Zoom and encouraged in this format until at least Sept. 8. Limited in-person meetings will be available beginning June 29. For in-person meetings, masks will be required. Each student can bring a maximum of two guests. If you need to schedule a meeting, contact or

How will student activities be conducted?

Student organizations are encouraged to continue activities and operations while allowing for social distancing and opportunities for virtual engagement. The Office of Student Engagement is committed to helping student organizations adapt to campus-wide changes and is equally committed to helping students find their points of connection through campus involvement.

All student organization activities will be approved by the Office of Student Engagement via Engage. No student organization activities consisting of 10 or more people may take place on or off campus.

Will Chapel and Evensong be held?

Weekly Chapel and Evensong services will continue to take place both in person and virtually during the fall semester. The Chapel will be arranged to allow for social distancing for those who wish to attend services in-person. A live stream of the weekly services will be available on Facebook and Instagram.

What library resources are available?

The Dulaney-Browne Library and the Leichter Listening Library will be open. The libraries will have clearly-marked lines at copiers and service desks. Occupancy in rooms will be limited to allow for social distancing standards. Plexiglass shields will be in place at the main desk for each library. Strict cleaning protocols will be in place.

Remote requests will be taken for materials and appointments can be scheduled for curbside delivery. Library instruction will be provided via Zoom or in socially distanced classrooms.

Will athletics competitions be held?

The NAIA is scheduled to release guidelines on July 1. More information will be provided after that time.

What are OCU’s 6 Minimum Mitigation Standards?

  • Planning for social distancing in the in-person campus environment;
  • Providing education and training for students, faculty, and staff to keep our campus safe;
  • Implementing illness protocols to assist in managing positive cases;
  • Providing accommodations for vulnerable populations;
  • Enhancing cleaning and sanitization protocols; and
  • Providing appropriate personal protective equipment and supplies.

What happens if a positive case of COVID-19 is identified on campus?

The results of all positive and negative tests will automatically be sent to the Oklahoma State Health Department. The Campus Clinic will work with the health department on mitigation standards. The Campus Clinic will notify the EOC team and protocols will be followed for quarantine, cleaning, and campus notification. All test results are shared with the state.