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Jing Ding

Accountant in the Business Office 

Works in Administration Building, Room 309

At OKCU as a graduate student from 2010 to 2014 and as the Business Office student worker in 2014. Started in her job shortly thereafter, upon completing an internship for a Chinese oil company in Oklahoma.

What do you do in your job? 

“My major task is to do the bank reconciliations. … Right now, I do four bank reconciliations.” She explained that OKCU books every transaction into Banner and also deposits money into the bank. “I match what we book with what goes through the bank”—like balancing a checkbook. Jing also processes daily direct deposits related to student refunds. 

What do you like about working here? 

“I like the whole environment a lot. It’s a really pretty campus. Seeing the college students every day—really young, life is full of hope and promise—I like that. Plus, my co-workers here are nice. In the office, we celebrate each other’s birthdays, and before I got married, they threw me a shower.” 

Jing got married in Oklahoma in September 2017 and had a reception in China in October. She started talking to her future husband, Jeremy, through the dating website Christian Mingle in July 2016. 

What do you like about Oklahoma? 

“After seven years here, I have a community here, and I have a big church family. I found God here, and I got baptized in 2015.” People in her church have been missionaries around the world, care about others, and help Jing grow spiritually, she said. Jing met the pastor’s family through the BCM’s free lunches for the OKCU community. 

Coming to Oklahoma, “I wanted to expose myself to the Western culture,” she said. “I was just curious what Christianity was … and what made those people so nice to others, even to strangers.”  

What did you like about OKCU as a student? 

“I loved the library most.” She felt in awe of the library when she first arrived, she said. Jing also considers the professors very nice. “They’re really approachable; you can talk with them, discuss things with them. That’s the biggest difference from China. In China, they do the lectures, and then their work is done. Here, I feel like they can be really helpful for you.” 

Jing studied English in China for her bachelor’s degree. She had intended to become a translator but decided she didn’t have a gift for languages. “I wanted to know the world more through the business perspective, so I applied here.” After starting the MBA program, she wanted to go even deeper into business and added a master’s in accounting. 

What’s something people may not know about you? 

“I think it’s time to think about the next step and do the things my heart wants to do, like paint,” she said. “I want to learn how to ride a horse.” 

“I feel life is full of new things I can’t wait to explore. I think I’ll always have a heart that’s curious to explore what’s new. When I was in China and I graduated from college, I moved overseas to see another world. Here, there are so many things I want to explore.” 

That explorer’s spirit developed in college, Jing said, when she moved from a small town to Beijing. 

“You just follow your heart.”