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Kevin Miller

Creative Director and Brand Manager

University Communications
At OKCU since 2005

Interview by Jim Abbott

Kevin Miller

Kevin Miller is one cool dude! He’s got the cool tattoos, soul patch, and more artistic ability in his little finger than I could ever muster. What really makes him cool, in my experience, is that he shows up every day determined to make a positive impact on his fellow employees and Oklahoma City University. As the creative director and brand manager at OKCU, Kevin and his staff design around 700 projects each year, ranging from T-shirts to invitations to admissions materials to basketball courts! The OKCU Staff Council asked me to sit down with Kevin as part of the “Hidden Stars” program. See the transcript of our interview below. P.S. Don’t just read the interview—get to know Kevin! You’ll be glad you did!

JA: What do you do in your job?

KM: I’m part of the University Communications department and supervise the designers, web folks, and the photo/video pros. I delegate the projects that come through the shop to the proper people and help determine the best route creatively to efficiently and effectively communicate whatever is needed. I’m lucky to have the talented people in place on my team so that my interaction on the majority of projects is limited. This allows me to focus on keeping all of the different branding/advertising campaigns on point. Then also looking at implementing larger procedures, policies, and systems that could further our brand and make processes more efficient for our department and the campus community as a whole.

JA: How do you interact with other departments on campus?

KM: We are basically set up like an advertising agency. The entire campus community is split up between four communication folks. They are the main points of contact for whatever a person on campus needs. People fill out an online form that upon submission, alerts the specific client rep for that person’s area. From that point, the job submission gets put into our project management system. That is when I go in and determine who needs to be assigned to that project to fulfill its requirements. Deadlines are set, content is gathered, and the correspondence begins. The client rep is the liaison between the client (the person needing our services) and the rest of our team. It’s a very reliable system that we trust with our lives! If we didn’t have the checks and balances that we have in place, life would be pretty messy and super stressful for us all. We still have stressful times, but it’s manageable. People start freaking out a bit when our total project count gets to around 100. We typically have about 80 projects in our queue at all times, and when it hits 120, we’re pretty much tapped out of our resources and people are moving at Mach 8.

JA: What is your favorite part about working here?

KM: I love believing in the “product” that we are “selling.” This is a very special place for a ton of people, and our entire team knows that. So, when we are going ninety-to-nothing trying to knock projects out the door, it feels good to know that our work could have a hand in possibly changing someone’s life. When you don’t care about the outcomes of your work, it can make the day-to-day so much worse.

JA: Why do you work at OKCU?

KM: I love that everyone is basically working towards the same common goal: making this place the best place it can be for the students. I love what I do here. I love my team. I also love being around the young energy of a university setting. Going for an occasional walk across campus is always nice. And let’s face it, the benefits of the flexible atmosphere, Fridays off during summer, and time off at Christmas doesn’t suck either.

JA: What’s something interesting about you that people may not know?

KM: I’ve played the drums for basically my entire life and used to tour around quite a bit. I still enjoy playing with folks here and there, but do it on my own schedule and much closer to home.

JA: Over your years on campus, what is your favorite/most memorable design project?

KM: Wow! That’s a good one. Man, we do around 650-700 projects a year, and over 13 years, that’s a lot of projects. You know, actually, doing the basketball court design was really cool. Every time I go into Freede, it makes me feel pretty awesome, knowing that it once was just a design on my screen.

Three Words to describe Kevin Miller

Kevin Windholz: Colorful, Individualistic, Loyal

Rod Jones: Multi-Talented, Dedicated, Kind

Blythe Benson: Enthusiastic, Inventive, Funny

Lori Walker: Reliable, Dynamic, AWESOME!

Marty McCauley: Innovative, Energetic, Creative

Jim Abbott: Cool, Talented, Committed