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Monica Brinker

Senior Coordinator for Talent Acquisition, Human Resources

Administration Building, Room 105
At OKCU since January 2018

What is your career background?

Monica Brinker

Monica worked as an undergraduate admissions counselor for St. Gregory’s University in Shawnee and then for OKCU. She moved from student to employee recruitment in December 2018. Her bachelor’s is in psychology, and she started working on a master’s in counseling before eventually switching to applied behavioral sciences. She will finish the master’s degree this month. She wanted to continue working in higher education after St. Gregory’s closed.

“I really like being goal-oriented and helping people find their place,” she said. “I always thought that this would be a part of HR that I’d enjoy.”

Monica appreciates higher education’s mission of helping people grow. She also values private, liberal arts universities with their smaller communities. “I think the quality of education is greater at private schools.”

What do you do in your job?

Monica works with hiring managers in different departments across the university. She helps plan new employee orientation and the less frequent university orientation for those new employees. She will also help with the employee mentor program to foster relationships.

For faculty recruitment, she works collaboratively with search committees and Provost Kent Buchanan. When staff positions come open, departments can restructure; she and Blythe Benson, director of benefits and compensation, can work with departments to update job descriptions; and she can coordinate with the departments to recruit using specific websites or tactics.

Two months into the job, “I’m still learning so much,” she said. She’s enjoying fostering relationships on campus.

What do you like about working at OKCU?

“The students seem so creative here. … It’s so, so cool to see how talented they are”—in dance, athletics, and all of OKCU’s programs, she said. As an admissions counselor, she got to know Gold Star Ambassadors and would attend their performances. “It’s such an important part of their lives.”

What’s something interesting about you that others may not know?

Monica enjoys painting, crafting, and especially refinishing furniture. She enjoys decorating with songbirds, which remind her of springtime. She lives in Shawnee. “Little Women” has been her favorite student production at OKCU so far because she’s been fond of the story since childhood.