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Marina Quintanilla Has a Model Future

Q & A with Ina

Where did you grow up?

I am from a small town in central Texas located between Waco and Austin off of I-35. I am currently a sophomore studying music.

Photo by Shevaun Williams

How did you get into modeling?

When I was about 14, a woman in a grocery store approached me and suggested that I try to get into the industry. From there I found a photographer to take a couple of pictures of me that I could start showing to agencies. I got my first contract when I was 15 and started doing runway shows for Austin Fashion Week where I walked for two Project Runway designers, Michelle Lesniak and Mychael Knight, among other local designers.

Photo by Shevaun Williams

What are you wanting to do post-graduation?

The career span of a model is typically from the age of 15 until about 26 depending on how you age, so I only have a couple of years after school to make the most of my career. I’m with some great agents right now that are trying to work on my development as a model while I’m in school, that way I can hopefully start going international once I graduate. 

Photo by Shevaun Williams

What is the modeling experience you've enjoyed the most?

There are three that always come to mind when I’m asked this question! The first was when I was 16 or 17. My agent told me of a casting for a hair show in Austin, and it ended up being for L’Oréal. I booked the show and was the youngest girl there. It was a three day process during which they dyed, cut, and styled our hair. We all had these really cool transformative looks, so when we got on the runway, they did our hair again for the audience and then we walked. 

Photo by Shevaun Williams

The next two happened just last year; the next coolest experience was the editorial I did for Splurge! OKC.It was Frida Kahlo inspired which was such an honor since she is such a big influence in the Spanish community (and I always had people tell me I looked like her). It was an 8 page spread of just me, so it was kind of weird and kind of cool to see myself in a magazine. 

It was Frida Kahlo inspired, which was such an honor since she is such a big influence in the Spanish community 
Photo by Shevaun Williams

 The third is probably the chart topper for me so far. I was hired to do the spring campaign for a local boutique located in Nichols Hills called Balliets. I knew I would be in the window, but I was not expecting the enormity of these pictures. The biggest one had to have been around 15 feet tall. It was so crazy driving by and seeing myself in these huge windows, or eating at Flip's with my best friend and seeing myself out the window. 

Photo by Shevaun Williams

How do you think your time at OKCU will prepare you for the future you envision?

Being in the arts really teaches you how to market yourself and make connections, and how to handle professional interactions while also coming off as an interesting, friendly person. I’m also hoping to pursue a Masters in Arts Administration once I complete my undergrad, and that could hopefully give me a better understanding of management in the entertainment industry and open up some doors to being an agent.