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Employee FAQ

Employee Return-to-Work Guide

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Why can't we mandate vaccinations and/or masks?

Since the University’s May 2021 update, there have been further developments that may impact our ability to enforce measures that are known to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. On July 1, 2021, a new law took effect in the state of Oklahoma (SB 658). The new law restricts the ability of schools to require students to get vaccinated. The new law also restricts the ability of schools to require masks for unvaccinated students. Pending legal review of the new law and/or any changes made to it, the University may adjust its current policies accordingly in the future.

What is the cleaning protocol on campus?

OCU has implemented enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols. The cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, drinking fountains, grab bars, hand railings, and bathroom stalls has been increased.

OCU will provide supplies and training for students, faculty, and staff to keep their personal work spaces clean. Students, faculty, and staff will be encouraged to wipe down shared desks, workspaces, lab equipment, and other shared objects before and after use with provided cleaning supplies.

Are masks required?

As of March 11, 2022, the university has relaxed its "masks expected" policy. Those who wish to continue wearing masks are encouraged to do so.

What will work look like?

Social distancing will be implemented in all shared spaces. Strict cleaning protocols will be in place for breakrooms and other shared spaces. Meetings will take place virtually whenever possible. Any in-person meetings will meet room occupancy and social distancing standards.

Is testing available?

Oklahoma has open testing for COVID-19. The COVID-19 PCR test is covered by insurance for anyone who is tested, at this time. The campus clinic is able to test for COVID-19 as well as the state and county health departments.

All positive and negative test results will be sent to the Oklahoma State Health Department for contact tracing. The Campus Clinic will work in conjunction with the Department of Health to rapidly identify contact tracing to help mitigate exposure.

Is the Caf open?

Yes. Seating is spaced out to implement social distancing, with extra Caf seating available in the Great Hall. Students swipe their own cards. All self-service options are suspended and food lines are clearly marked and spaced out. Dining staff will service all food items or items will be prepackaged. Disposable dishware and flatware are used.

The Market will be open for limited occupancy based on social distancing standards. It features an expanded to-go selection and card readers are available for touchless purchasing.

What are OCU’s 6 Minimum Mitigation Standards?

  • Planning for social distancing in the in-person campus environment;
  • Providing education and training for students, faculty, and staff to keep our campus safe;
  • Implementing illness protocols to assist in managing positive cases;
  • Providing accommodations for vulnerable populations;
  • Enhancing cleaning and sanitization protocols; and
  • Providing appropriate personal protective equipment and supplies.

What if I’m considered high-risk or care for a family member that is considered high-risk?

We would like for you to complete a at-risk outreach survey so that we can help you.

Employees are not required to disclose if they are in a high-risk category based upon a preexisting medical condition. If you consider yourself to be high-risk based on the CDC guidelines and have concerns regarding returning to on-campus work, you may voluntarily discuss your situation with your manager or request an accommodation from HR.

Supervisors, in coordination with HR, will work with employees who are requesting accommodations to support a healthy and safe work environment while determining ways to complete position responsibilities.

What should an employee do if they suspect a co-worker of being ill and reporting to on-campus work?

Employees who suspect an employee is ill should encourage the employee to go home as soon as possible and ask them to notify their supervisor. Employees should not assume a diagnosis of any sort but inform one another of safe practices in staying home when not feeling well. Any concerns should be reported directly to your supervisor even if the employee is not in your department. Your supervisor should contact HR. Employees may be asked to go home and provide a medical statement from their healthcare provider to return to work.

What if I have childcare issues that prevent me from reporting to on-campus work when requested?

Please discuss your situation with your supervisor. OCU is encouraging flexibility for situations including childcare. Children and other family members will not be permitted in the workplace.

What happens if a positive case of COVID-19 is identified on campus?

The results of all positive and negative tests will automatically be sent to the Oklahoma State Health Department. The Campus Clinic will work with the health department on mitigation standards. The Campus Clinic will notify the EOC team and protocols will be followed for quarantine, cleaning, and campus notification. All test results are shared with the state.