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Why Choose Kramer?

“I think the best part of the program is that the instructors want you to succeed. They are willing to help you learn. And they bring with them real world experience that we can use when we get out into clinical and practice.

-Jackie Pickelsimer, BSN-DNP, FNP student, Class of 2020

Why Choose the Kramer School of Nursing?

The Kramer School of Nursing at Oklahoma City University is an outstanding and welcoming place, whether you are just beginning your nursing career or looking to take it to the next level. Contact us for more information - we look forward to getting to know you!

Kramer at a Glance

The Kramer Way

KSN is committed to the creation of an atmosphere of caring, kindness, and respect: the core values of the Kramer Way.

These attributes are to be present and visible in all interactions at Kramer School of Nursing, whether the interactions are between faculty and staff, faculty and students, and all other individuals within KSN. It is our belief that learning best occurs in such an environment. We expect it of ourselves; we expect it of our students.

“Kramer DNP program follows the 'Kramer way'. A culture of care, where students are valued and nurtured in their educational journey”

-Bejoy Kurian, BSN-DNP, FNP student, Class of 2020

Kramer is unique because the faculty and staff truly care about the well-being and success of the students. The concerns of students are never dismissed and each student has a voice.

-Keely McGough (BSN-DNP)

Want to learn more?

Contact us, or use the navigation links on this site to explore our various programs and offerings.